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  1. Hi, noticed the other day my Mother's Chimney Pot had blown off. Can anyone recommend a builder who would be willing to fit a new pot, please. We are talking of the S12 area of Sheffield, many thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, does anyone know if the chap who ran the One Stop PC shop, formally at Firth Park, has set up shop anywhere else??? Always got great service there, and just wondered if he was still in the business, at a different address? Many thanks in advance.
  3. HHHHHmmmmm hope you have more luck picking the lottery. That "easier" game at Wycombe looking iffy after the "easy" game against little old us. Good luck with the rest of the season.
  4. Just wondering if any builders out there could shed some light on a potential build I have in mind. I live in a 2 up, 2 down, end terrace, ex council house, onto the back of I would like to add a "Catio", basically a pergola with wire mesh to prevent escape from for our cats. The proposed measurements for the structure would be 30ft by 14ft x 10ft high. Would I need to apply for planning permission before building could go ahead?? And would the structure be classed as an outdoor building??? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Many thanks for the suggestions, mother fixed up with one of them, and happy there is no more stones in the coal, thanks.
  6. Just recently my elderly mother has been having trouble with her coal supplier, for her only source of heating, her coal fire. Her usual supplier started supplying her with coal loaded with what can only be described as stones, cannot think why they have to be there, nor what use they have???.The actual coal in the mix burns fast, gives off little heat, and leaves a lot of these stones with the ash. So we changed her supplier, and for the first delivery, she was happy with the new coal. It was longer lasting, burned nice and warm, and had none of the dreaded stones. Come her second delivery, the stone laden coal has reappeared!!!! Plus she is being charged more what is no different to her past coal delivery!!! Can anyone recommend a decent coal merchant, for delivery to the S12 area of Sheffield, without the stones please!
  7. Apologies in advance if this should be located elsewhere on the forum. We are looking for a Gardener in the S5 area of Sheffield. General tidying up, possible lawn re-turf, hedge trimming. Anyone able to recommend some one suitable please, thank you.
  8. Anyone confirm there is a boot at T.H.C.C. this coming Sunday (13th) August??????? Seen on the C.C. website that one is pencilled in, but nothing on the forum. Is this boot the one that was cancelled a couple of weeks ago????
  9. Labour Council doing its best to get re-elected, pretending to listen, with no intention of doing anything other than what they want to do. Hope the good folks of Sheffield remember this when the council elections come around.
  10. My error, fingers not inline with brain! The telephone number should indeed read 0114 2349656.
  11. Hi out there, we at South Yorkshire Animal Rescue, Registered charity no: 517441, are urgently seeking people volunteer spare some time in helping to raise funds for our small charity. Help towards raising much needed funds would be very much appreciated, like most charities, we are facing very tough times. We are looking for someone to help existing staff in attending local car boots and other similar events, so transport as well as time, would be useful but not essential. Please ring our shop, on 01142 349656, or Trisha 07768183885. If you are having trouble making contact, please leave a message, or text with your name and contact details especially on the mobile number, and Trisha WILL get back to you ASAP. Many thanks in advance.
  12. Heard a rumour that the boot on Sunday at the Keepmoat Doncaster, has been moved to Bank Holiday Monday. Can anyone confirm or dispute the rumour??? Looked on line but have failed to find any info:huh:
  13. According to their website, the boots in Hope Valley starts tomorrow. The first being on the College side, 7.00am kick off. Usually very good, set in Derbyshire's pleasant scenery.
  14. The market/car boot at Donny is held, when big enough, in 2 car parks at the side of the ground, as well as on both sides of the road way around the stadium. There are also a couple of grassy areas which are used when boot is really busy. It costs £10 to sell out of the back of the car, or an extra £2 to sell side on. At its height the boot can be very busy, and big, its a fair trek from the car park used for buyers. Sellers are allowed on from 5.30ish, I've been there from 4.30 and the queue to get in was backing up onto the road to the ground. It can take quite a while to get in and set up, but is usually worth it, and usually goes on until noon. Hope that helps.
  15. Thanks for the info Tek-no-logic, alas it is the number I already have, and the one I'm having no success with!!!
  16. Hi there, just wondered if anyone on SF knows if Stuart of Swan Plumbers is still working??? Would like to contact him about some work I need doing, but the contact number I have doesn't seem to be working. Many thanks.
  17. Hi there, I have left a similar message on an American forum especially for these Pleo toys, in search of a solution. However, at present, they don't seem to be as talk able as us Sheffielders, and have yet to reply.
  18. Hi there, many thanks for getting in touch so soon. I have bought 2 brand new batteries but they make no difference. I've tried contacting the toy with my computer, but with him inactive, I can't open a connection in order to update the sd card. I fear the worse!!!! Many thanks for your message, best regards Trisha.
  19. Hi there, I'm searching for help in trying to fix a robotic Toy, that recently decided to enter sleep mode, and not wake up again. The problem I have is with an Ugobe 2006 life form robotic Pleo Dinosaur. After recharging his battery, he took about 4 steps, then entered sleep mode, and hasn't woken up since. I have tried new batteries, all to no avail. So I would like to know if there is anyone out there in the SF who just might be able to give help and advice in getting the toy working once again. Many thanks in anticipation Trisha.
  20. Hi there, Chesterfield has been cancelled for the last two Sundays, once due to the Race for Life, or summat similar. They should be back to normal this coming Sunday so I believe. Don't know of a phone number to use, the last one I had tended to ring forever without anyone picking up. The weather shouldn't play too big a problem, they did move everyone inside under the stands, earlier this year. It wasn't too bad, I've not heard anything recent to say if they will continue this through any bad weather in the winter months ahead.
  21. Just like to leave feedback about the car boot at the weekend, 24th, held at the Waverley pub, Catcliffe/Brinsworth. To be honest wasn't too good, severe lack of buyers, around 25 sellers there all waiting eagerly. BUT it was the first boot there and needs time to get off the ground, certainly as the potential to be a lot better, should they decide to hold more. All sellers were parked on the grass area behind the pub, with plenty of room, and more if needed on hard standing. Stewards were all very helpful and friendly, refreshments well laid on, and a worthy charity benefitted. Pity it couldn't have been busier, this boot as potential, especially on a Saturday. Also heard from a couple of customers who did make it, that they had spent time looking in the Waverley area of Sheffield, apparently they had seen advertising that was lacking the "pub" bit off the end of Waverley:confused:
  22. Hi there if you mean where the temp lights are, I believe they are repairing or replacing the railway bridge on the left hand side of the road, going towards Elsecar. Seems to have been a push towards bridge repair, or replacement, there was done at the start of Ecclesfield Road near Grange Lane, along with the one on Nether Lane.
  23. Don't think Amey will touch them, with regards to resurfacing. Quite a few roads over here in Parson Cross, including the one outside the house, haven't been touched. The top half of the road has been resurfaced, along with the pavements the whole road's length, but the concrete remains has it was. Then again, with the scatter gun approach to the road maintenance, they must roll a dice to decide where to go next, it wouldn't surprise me if Amey returned with shovels and tarmac in hand. The original work was over a year ago, so it seems unlikely???
  24. Just phoned Hope Valley hotline, boot tomorrow on the sports field is cancelled. So save yourself a wasted journey and look elsewhere for a boot.
  25. Doh! Knew I would miss a boot out!!! Not been to Marsh Lane for years, as the capacity to be very busy, and was always productive for me. Heard conflicting views about it since, but loathe to pass on here say.
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