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  1. The price of a pint of Stones, at The Manor Social Club, in 1974 was 14 pence. Straight from the mouth of an ex- barperson.
  2. After reading the article in last night's Star it felt good to know that I was not the only one to be scammed by COMPASS MOBILITY. I also was cold called and pressured into buying a scooter that did not meet my needs.All in all it has cost me £5000 for a scooter that is still not meeting my needs. Following this I was scammed yet again by British Mobility for services which did not take place. These experiences has taken away my trust in these rogue traders.
  3. Mrs Elaine Smith has asked me to pass on her grateful thanks to all those who paid their respects on her husband's death. She says she is very touched and amazed that so many of us took the time to express our sympathies. She will always treasure the printouts I sent to her as she says they give her comfort. Once again thank-you from Elaine. P.S. She also mentions those of you who attended the funeral it was a pleasant surprise for her and she really appreciated your presence. Tatty
  4. Pat Ellis was a friend of my daughter Susan Connolly. They used to got to St Theresa's school together.
  5. No, we lived next door to the fishpond before it turned onto the crescent. Turner was the family name I had three brothers, Carl, Alan Brian and myself Mavis. I remember all the names you have just mentioned. I am now 75, Alan sadly deceased,Brian 67 and Carl 77. We all went to Stand House, my brothers went on to Prince Edwards and I went to Carfield.
  6. Bells are jingling and I know there must be a connection. I lived at 191 QMRd I know the Ellis', the Benns, the O'briens and the Mortons
  7. Hi Download I will gladly forward you Sapper's Number. It would be better to send it through Private Mail than on here. I love watching the snow but it is making me a prisoner as I have to use a mobility scooter now. Talk soon. Love Tatty P.S. I'm not sure how to send P.M's but I know how to read them - ask Sapper he knows everyything. X
  8. I remember a girl called Glaves, I'm not sure whether her first name was Pauline or Sylvia. She used to live on Queen Mary Crescent and we used to play togetherr. I am 75 and lived on Queen Mary Road next to the fish pond.
  9. Hey up!!!! I was only about twelve then. She happened to be a friend of my baby sitter - that's how I knew her. She was a friend of Alice Jarvis who lived at the bottom of Cary on Queen mary. By the way have you got my email about Albert? Talk soon. Love to you both. Mavis X
  10. I have not been a forum user for very long but during the short time, I have spoken to many friends old and new. The one that stands out most is Albert T Smith. Sadly I have just received news that he passed away January 24th. He will be badly missed - he had a wit and charm that appealed to most poeple. He was the one to start new threads and keep folks interested. Cheers Albert and condolences to your family and friends. Tatty Dumps:sad:
  11. Hi Sapper It's so good to hear Dorothy is in charge. In your reply to Ennis you mention a cousin called Virgin was their also a Margaret in the family. She was older than me and if I remember rightly she was very small her nickname was Titch Virgin. Also did she marry an American. Hi Dorothy, I hope you are well. Best love Mavis
  12. Hi Ennis, I'm so glad you remember my family. Sadly Alan passed away in 1995, very young 56, cancer. I still miss him. I am in contact with the Kings via the Forum and private emails. Dorothy married an ex-boy friend of mine and they are living on the Norfolk Broads-still happily married. I live alone in Heeley and getting about on a mobility scooter. Your contact has brought back so many happy memories, I used to have a crush on your Keith but I think I am over it now. Talk soon love. Mavis
  13. I remember your family very well Ennis, I am Mavis Petch/Turner that was. We used to live bang opposite your house. Do you remember my brothers Carl, Alan and Brian? The last time I saw any of your family was when Cyril was retiring from the Police Force. He was 45 and I was just starting work there (Sheffield Police Headquarters, Snig Hill) as a cleaner. I also remember ripping your Keith's jacket pocket off when we were larking about. Best wishes to you and all your family. Tatty Dumps.
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