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  1. I am in Dobcroft Rd and we have had 2 power drops.
  2. My son has Oat Milk. The doctor at children's hospital recommended it when he was one and he loves it. He did have regular blood tests to begin with to check he was getting everything he needed though so it may be worth speaking with your GP.
  3. Check out http://www.arim.co.uk They were appointed the new building managers by the bank, they also manage all of the properties Artisan didn't sell.
  4. The building is being managed by ARIM as Artisan have gone into administration.
  5. MGP on Holme Ln in Hillsborough. It's behind Tow Sure.
  6. I am in Millhouses and can hear very load music and a PA System. Does anyone have any idea where it is coming from?
  7. I want to fit a new loft hatch as the current one is the bathroom and difficult to access. I would like some of the pull down ladders fitting as well. Any ideas how much this would cost?
  8. My husband is on the train and it's stuck outside of Chesterfield. Something on the track is frozen and they are working on it. He should have got into Sheffield at 19.52!
  9. Thanks everyone. Think I am going with Online electrical, we have used them a few times at work and they have been very good.
  10. Can anyone recommend a good alarm company? Just had an attempted break in and want to get one fitted incase it happens again.
  11. We need our bathroom fitting - toilet, sink and shower needs moving bathis staying in the same place...does anyone know roughly how much this would cost?
  12. She stayed with me throughout a 36 hour labour, wrote up the notes then dropped my husband off at home. Fantastic lady. Please PM me with the details of what you would like me to do.
  13. Try this, my little girl loves it. http://www.playballyorkshire.co.uk/class_times.html
  14. I thought the Spice Market was bland and overpriced. I have had better supermarket ready meals.
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