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  1. Go to pound shop and buy Oven Pride. Can also buy it in supermarkets at £4. Absolutely brilliant!
  2. True and TBH if they can come the same day if sets off alarm bells for me
  3. We went there about five years ago and really wouldn't have thought they'd have wifi - make sure you take all essentials such as sun cream nigh on impossible to buy anything over there
  4. Are we all in so much of a rush these days that we need this
  5. Thanks might have a wander down there now that miserable Mitch has gone - been waiting for it to happen;)
  6. Feel sure I saw an under new management sign outside the PR a few weeks ago. Does anyone know if it has changed hands?
  7. Sounds to me like the concrete block might be coming off. Mine was like that and ended up dancing about when in use. when hubby looked the block had completely sheared off which meant a journey to Currys
  8. It's not the best and certainly not the worst. On a scale of one to ten I would give it a 7. I live at Woodhouse Mill which is nearby, a much better place lol...
  9. [/color]@happylady.its only fair the children do their bit. Agreed totally but why start the festivities on a sour note - new year resolutions come to mind ---------- Post added 24-12-2013 at 18:09 ---------- My kids have long since left home and I had many a conversation like this while they were kids - conclusion I came to in the end was that it was best not to venture in their rooms and shut their doors so I couldn't see the mess. The more I pushed it the more they ignored me, teenagers can be sooooooooo stubborn
  10. Perhaps Christmas might not be he best time o throw down the gauntlet
  11. Thinking of getting a dog but 3 days a week am at work going out at 8 and back at 6 so not sure if having a dog would be a good idea, or what help we would need. Any info/ advice would be most welcome
  12. I really can't believe this pot. With all the info you can get on the net ............
  13. Depends on the hotel. I've stayed st s few, some have local spirits others imported. Usual rule of thumb is more you pay better it is (like anything else) If you're going for a fortnight can get a bit samey but on the other hand you know exactly how much you're paying, if I was going to Turkey wouldn't bother a/l as its not bad prices out there compared to the UK.
  14. Glad someone actually knows the area and knows what they're talking about. My kids both went to Brunswick and then Aston. Both have jobs and one went to Uni and obtained a great degree!
  15. Does the landlord have gas appliances serviced annually. This is a legal requirement and if he doesn't then there should be some way of getting some compensation if only to deter him from doing the same thing again.
  16. You'd be a lot better off using public transport. 52 from town comes straight past it
  17. Have been quite a few times and can't fault it
  18. AGREED - my thoughts entirely ---------- Post added 27-08-2013 at 18:28 ---------- I agree with you totally the system is very wrong and they do need to fix the system - the benefits system wasn't set up for this mindset!
  19. My parents didn't get child benefit for me. Was born in 1963 and the first child didn't get anything. Admittedly I have had education and healthcare via the Government and thank you mum and dad for paying in for me. We have also paid in and our kids had had an education and yes we did get child benefit - my hubby has worked full time since the age of 18 and apart from a couple of years looking after our kids I've worked to! Lady Tinsley ---------- Post added 27-08-2013 at 00:00 ---------- My point exactly!
  20. Can't believe what I'm reading! If the Benefit rules make it so that people ave to decide if its worth working then something is radically wrong! And no I've nkt got a silver spoon in my mouth I come from Tinsley, we didn't have much money but everything we did have was worked for - why don't people have values like these anymore? Wrong, wrong, wrong
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