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  1. Hi How can find out what is the maximum amount of RAM i can use with my motherboard..
  2. Cheers Zain .. i'll take a look at IE9 sounds interesting
  3. why is my firefox taking a long time to load
  4. could try this tomorrow at Hillsboro College The Sheffield College http://www.sheffcol.ac.uk 9:00 Wednesday 27th October We are currently in the process of updating our website and will be live again tomorrow morning Thursday 28th October. We look forward to seeing you then. This also means it will not be possible view or enrol online for courses during this time. For non-urgent queries please send an email for help to course-enquiries@sheffcol.ac.uk, which will be dealt with during normal working hours. For urgent queries please contact switchboard for advice. on 0114 260 2600 We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this work. ICT System The Sheffield College
  5. yes... free courses are run at Handsworth Parish centre daily, from the basic switching the computer on to email and internet over i think 11 weeks.. link: http://www.handsworthforum.org.uk/ link: http://handsworthc.jottercms.com/ADULT+LEARNING hope this is of some help to you.
  6. Can i connect two computers to one router using the ports for network devices, and the use the internet at the same time. (The router is not wireless) Thank you for any help you can give me.
  7. more info: The Laptop seems to just make a clicking sound no boot up at all. Could it be the HARD DRIVE needs replacing.
  8. i'm trying to get some info on the laptop... i was thinking on the lines of ac adaptor fault, internal battery fault or switch on computer faulty.. i will get more info soon..
  9. My friend has a acer laptop but the laptop will not work at all - fine yesterday now nothing what could be the problem ...
  10. I was thinking of buying a shooter game "call of duty"?? but wasn't sure how the graphics and play were on the wii. Can anyone give me an idea of a good shooter game for the wii console..
  11. Why don't you all put something on which you have designed yourself, insteads of downloaded presets..
  12. Sorry Guys, "NON OF THIS WORKS"... Given it up as a bad job...:huh:
  13. Hi Richie Can you remember what writing speed you used and wether you altered any of the settings before the burn process... I will give it another go..
  14. The software will not burn to a DVD....
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