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  1. Lex, I also agree that this tribute is well worth it. My wife and I went to the crash site memorial last week and it looks very impressive and well tendered. While we were there Tony came and we had a short chat about the event 75 years ago. He is a very nice and caring person and deserves all the good praise for all he is doing to remember those who were killed in the tragedy of the Mi Amigo fate.
  2. Eagle, I remember the swimming pool very well indeed. But it was in the early 1960s and the pool was mostly filled with felled trees and rainwater, but I do remember nearby a fairly large drain which went beneath the proposed parkway route which we used to crawl through for about 30 yds. That was spooky and then get home covered on muck. Good old days or what?
  3. Now, there's room for thought. Do you think that there is a secret team who work at the dead of night, nipping out, and actually making potholes in the roads with the intent of creating work for Amey?
  4. Yes, a good sighting. I also saw one over Hunshelf Bank today heading towards Stocksbridge. around 1300hrs.
  5. I have just submitted my road tax payment online to the official DVLA site. The form V11 stated £190 for the year. Upon submitting the payment it showed that £195 is demanded. Last year for the same car the same thing occurred, but I thought that the extra £5 was for the credit card transaction. But this year the credit card charge no longer exists. So what I am asking is. What is the extra £5 charge for? There is no explanation of extra cost on the form unless it is paid by direct debit. Can anybody explain please?
  6. I think I remember them. Was it the Brock family? They were in the lower Set at school.
  7. Hi again swarfendor, following that large, detailed, frustrating, transcript of your conversation with your internet supplier, you have my sympathies as I have had similar conversations, and I am sure many thousands have had olso, which have driven us all mad over the suggestions from them, (which we have already done before contacted them) like, do this, switch this off, unplug this, plug that back in again, wait 10 minutes etc. etc. After all,all we want is a good, simple, reliable product which we pay for. Sorry for the rant.
  8. Like what is said. "If you can't stand the time, don't do the crime": rant:
  9. Hi Swarfendor, I am thinking it is TTs fault. I have had to sign in to the e-mail account twice now following more failures. It has been the same on all devises so it is not a password fault. It looks like a spasmodic error down to TT. I am now up and running, for the time being anyway! Thanks for your reply.
  10. Today I am having a problem with TalkTalk e-mail. When I try to get new messages a message requests to enter my password. but when I do this I still cannot log in. Is there anybody else on TT with the same issue? Thanks.
  11. There is a Peregrine on the Sheffield perch now as I write. I like the full screen shots.
  12. Donna Hartley's in Tiger Works, West Street in the 80s/90s.
  13. I hope that this is not inappropriate, offensive or insulting to anybody but I have had a flashback of a playground type rhyme /or connotation of something similar. But it goes like this, and I cant remember how it ends: Down in the jungle where nobody goes. There lies Tarzan without any clothes.......... If its not too rude, how does it finish?
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