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  1. hahaha ye, everytime i walk past that, I wonder if they are ever gonna get round to doing it
  2. Ive found something far more interesting, free, and its interactive! I basically just walk round my house, and watch my housemates for a while, I can evan talk to them if i want. Ive also found something on par with big brother, which I fully recommend to anyone who endorses it. Its called a big cliff, the trick is getting to the bottom very fast and then stopping very quickly.
  3. I was watching channel 4 and against all my hopes I saw the big brother eye, ushering in a new series of cheap horrible television which is dumbing down our nation. Does anyone still watch or like big brother? I have never liked it, but could understand its initial appeal, but after so many series surely its wearing a little thin now? Also, does anyone know when its set to start? I go to europe for a month and a half at the end of june, so hopefully I may completely miss any exposure to it.
  4. learn to play the didgeridoo! when played every day for 10 to 20 mins or so, over some time, the muscles in the throat area which collapse (causing snoring) will become stronger. no more sleepless nights!
  5. the walls in the gents are covered in pornography, as for the ladies, not sure didn't venture in there. Its a pretty nice place, although the choice of lager on tap was pretty terrible, think they just had carling, might be more choice on other nights though
  6. Im actually all for speed cameras, aslong as they're clearly marked so you can't not see them. They're a good way of enforcing a speed limit as they only persecute people who actually speed (providing they're clearly marked, this is paramount), rather than say, speed bumps which just wreck your suspension, unless you creep over them, which itself wastes your money as you use more fuel accelerating again. As for pot holes, they irritate me more, have lived in crookesmoor for a year Im sure they're mostly responsable for wrecking my rear axel, which cost me £175 to replace, Im thinking of writing to the council and billing them for it, if I keep writing over and over again they can't ignore me forever!
  7. hey all, a quick question, I have a weihrauch .22" air rifle with telescopic sight that has been lying around for some years now and I want to sell it. Its perfectly legal, except you cant sell rifles on ebay, and items such as this are becoming increasingly frowned upon in our lovely society today. Any ideas on how or where I could sell it?
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