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  1. Just been called by a family member telling me that Bassett's is on fire (just in the area) smoke can be seen from miles around the area (can see it from here in the general location), loads of fire trucks at scene and police chopper out above the area, any posters with more info about the extent of the damage?
  2. Sorry Rachylou nothing like and thay dont have a car key on ah well worth trying though
  3. the house keys did have a keyring on can you describe it at all?
  4. Cheers, no luck yet but i am trying other avenues, i will let you know if i do manage to return them.
  5. this is a hell of a long shot but i like a challenge and this is gonna be one, tonight i found 2 bunches of keys at the Norwood filling station at the top of Herries Rd one of the bunches looks like keys for work security markings etc and has a security tag on with a number to call if found, number out of service! some good that was, the other is house keys, i asked everyone around but no joy and so i left my number with the station guy but so far nothing, the longest of long shots but thay do look like important keys and i would like to get them back to whoever lost them.
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