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  1. I would take a guess that it relates to a murder in Scarborough in 1989 and a member of the Druids being wrongly jailed, there is a book adout it - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hell-Not-Angels-Stephen-Smith/dp/1901853004
  2. He is a good friend of DJ Lez who you will probably find DJ'ing in the Yorkshireman, you could leave a message with him.
  3. My recommendation would be http://sheffieldexpress.com/ An experienced team of staff.
  4. No idea but he usually tweets on the day. The aftershow is at The Plug, tweet is below. ‏@plugsheffield Our good mates @Reverend_Makers are having their official afterparty at @PropagandaSheff this Friday! #revarmy
  5. There is a Blues Jam at The Old Crown on London Road. http://www.oldcrowninnsheffield.co.uk/
  6. His daughter Rowena still lives in Wortley, I will DM her address to you
  7. You missed out Maveli on Glossop Road, which is also central and most excellent! http://www.maveli.co.uk/
  8. Swanky Franks at Woodseats is really good, I enjoyed it more than Yankies or Uncle Sams.
  9. Here is there website http://www.etensheffield.co.uk/ or follow @EatEten on Twitter
  10. I attended and thought there how lovely it was to see such a wide display of local produce for sale. There were stalls selling vegetables, fish, cheese, bread, mushrooms, Sheffield honey, pork pies, meat pies, Italian and Asian food plus lots of local meat including Moss Valley Meats which sell Sheffield born and bred bacon and sausages etc. What do you class as interesting at a Farmers Market?
  11. Either Forge Bakers http://www.forgebakehouse.co.uk/ as already said on Abbeydale Road or Sevenhills Bakery on Sharrowvale Road, http://www.sevenhillsbakery.co.uk/ both are S7
  12. Use this form http://www.nhs.uk/service-search/ it will tell you who is once you do a search
  13. This website may help you http://www.mypartyvenue.co.uk/ good luck!
  14. Rocky Horrors on Division Street sells alternative clothes in store or online. http://www.rockyhorrors.co.uk/
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