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  1. Holland: Flat as a board Dutch like the English Everyone under 50 is fluent in English The bicycle is king, kerbs are even angled for bicycles The Dutch are tall If you work overtime the company must provide a meal Taxes are like 60% Takes 5 minutes to get a Dutch social security number using your British passport as ID Very liberal Lots of Dutch flags flown everywhere
  2. I think forums are here to stay, I recall Sheffield forum when it used to be part of a newsgroup forum.
  3. I have been on many a job to give an estimate only for the homeowner to tell me how to do it and much I should charge them. No thanks.
  4. We all have small pieces of personality disorders, so we can all relate to mental health. Unfortunately mental health is still a taboo subject. Mental health month is May 2016.
  5. Why is it that God can only talk to one guy and he usually got his message while sat alone in the mountains or some remote place. Why can't God talk to everyone, send his message to everyone at the same time?
  6. Yep and you are going to pay. HD and Lowes double what the contractor asks for. The vast majority of clients complaining about contractors are low bowlers.
  7. Yes, you have to buy property and rent them out to give yourself a pension.
  8. I'm an ex dipsomaniac. I used to drink so much in a night I would start sleep walking and have no recollection the next day. I have not had a drink for years and don't regret it. Life is so much more stable and naturally happier.
  9. Because they get high!!! Jogging increases the flow of dopamine.
  10. If you treat people like crap for long enough, people will eventually behave like crap. That's what has been happening in Americas poor areas (aka The Hood) for a long time
  11. Life before the internet meant many hours spent in the local library.
  12. Shoplifters usually have borderline personality disorder which is fully treatable.
  13. We just need a cure for dipsomania. Nalmefene may help some families. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/11136111/New-drug-for-mild-alcoholics-drinking-two-glasses-of-wine-a-night.html
  14. 18, had to get away from my parents bipolar home.
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