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  1. Hi Bryn. Yeah that's great! Could you send me an email so I can talk to you properly about it. Cheers
  2. Hi there, Guitarist and bassist seeking drummer in Sheffield, aged around 15-18, playing mostly rock, blues and alternative. Influences include: Muse, Velvet Revolver, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai, Aerosmith, Seasick Steve. Semi-serious, looking to gig in the future. Both located in Norton , looking for someone failry local, although still prepared to travel. Email: thrillriderdan@aol.com Thanks, Danny
  3. Hello again, I know it's ages since I made a post in this topic but I thought it would be better than making a new one. As an update there will now be a published book available around September time for anyone that is interested. At the moment I am trying to identify as many photos and films as possible to make it more interesting to browse through. If anyone would be interested in helping me name a few please contact me at newfieldhistory@aol.com and I again I would be grateful of any more information or photos. Thanks, Danny
  4. Can anybody remember when Sheffield became a "smokeless zone"?
  5. Whilst searching through the many pages of Sheffield History I decided to look through the old Mortons Cutlery site. What I found was actually quite amusing. Archeologists that were on the old site before the regeneration of the old building claimed that they had found some tuning forks that were a century old. Well my dad owns Mortons Cutlers currently and knows that the tuning forks are only around 16 years old, and were thrown out by the previous owners son because no one bought them. I just think it's really funny in the way they've gone to the fuss of taking these tuning forks around to local history exhibitions and even at the side of the old building there are tuning fork monumnets The thing that gets me is that the archeologists just presume everything they say is right and never bother asking the people that might know anything about it.
  6. I probably wouldn't benefit from it but I could see it being a good idea sending it past Jordanthorpe and the other estates and then sending it through to Dronfield. Its also relatively flat around that area.
  7. Sorry if this topic has already been started, but I just couldn't face looking at a few hundred search results. Where would you like to see the Supertram go in the future?
  8. Thank you for more comments people! Also nuts77, it is a time of which I am missing information, so anything you can tell me would be very useful! I have a very large box of photos of which some of the events are not clear.
  9. I think I actually have pictures of that 6th form disco with the band playing!
  10. Sorry to double post here but this thread was burried way below. I have now finished the sample booklet and will soon be presenting it to the head to try and pursuade her to get a proper copy. For thoose in the Secondary modern era: Did you have to buy your own books? What did you do at breaktimes? What were the School meals? What equipment did you use in general to write with? What kind of events were there? Who made and typed the School magazine? Was cinefilm used at the time. (I am asking this because I have just unearthed a large pile of cinefilm of which I cannot currently date) What sort of books were in the library?
  11. Hello again, I am nearing the end of creating the text part of the written booklet, and I will very soon be starting the documentary. At the moment I am at the stage of writing between the period of 1970 - 1990. My question is towards thoose in the era of the Blue and Red building. Did students of the upper and lower School ever swith buildings, for cooking and woodwork for example?
  12. So was a lesson in the house flat a double or single lesson?
  13. How long were the lessons in the Girl's School?
  14. Hello, My Gran was a student of the Pupil Teachers which became City Grammer later on. She has been searching everywhere she possibly could to try and find what the old School hymn was. Does anyone here have any information on this?
  15. I like that cinema one back there. The other similar scenario is when you can sit where you want. Once I was the first in the cinema and I just sat in about the middle of the cinema. Then the next people came in and sat right next to us! Why do that when you have the whole cinema to choose from???
  16. Well I didn't know of that! I found this really old map which has the area of Newfield School listed as Upper Cockshutt farm.
  17. Can any of you original students remember if there were two bungalows on site?
  18. People who feel the need to say "Rock On" every time they see a tee-shirt with a rock band on.
  19. God I don't know why I didn't start this thread earlier, this is exactly the kind of information I have been looking for. Also to thoose who were students during the gale of 1962, I have found some old photos at School from the Star showing the remains of the Gym roof and the upper classrooms. As an update: The Gym, Hall, Art Rooms, Library, Offices have been demolished. There is a breeze block wall straight through the corridors that led off the first staircase. I managed to film most of this action, so when I have downloaded the film I will upload some pictures to the site. The rest of the building is set to stay for another two years. I have had a story from and ex-pupil who started in 1959, who can recall the Head Boy ramming the 'School Bully' straight down the condements table in the dining room. Was this anyone in this topic? I think I may also have found that we recorded photo diary. It has loads of photos of School teams, Beekeepers clubs, Cycling Perfection and more.
  20. Thanks again Runningman. When you say scetching the old farm, which farm was this? Thanks, Danny
  21. What's your list of top ten albums? Here's mine: Aerosmith - Toys in the attic Def Leppard - Hysteria Whitesnake - Slip of the tongue Blue Oyster Cult - Fire of unknown origin Van Halen - Van Halen Bon Jovi - 7800 Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation Kiss - Crazy Nights Kiss - Destroyer Blue Oyster Cult - Spectres
  22. I personally can't stand rap, and it applies to all that I have listened too. The lyrics to some are quite good, but the style that they are sung, I mean talked in just brings them down. They could be better used in a more melodic style of music.
  23. I don't think they will go for good for a long time. They are still the preffered format for karaoki machines
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