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  1. Mortons on West Street will do a good sharpen... http://www.mortonscutlers.co.uk/
  2. Raw Horseradish is usually available in Beanies. In the fridge in the veg room - staff will cut you a piece as big or as small as you like? Hot stuff!
  3. Beanies usually have them frozen or chilled...
  4. The loose 'baking' potatoes are often Estima and can also be Saxon. Maris Piper are great if you like to be able to add a lot of butter - which for many is the point of baked potatoes! I personally use Marfona as in my view they have more flavour than Estima which tend to be chosen more for the uniformity of look rather than flavour aswell as being a disease-resistant strain good for commercial growers. Avoid Nadine at any cost as they are too high in water content to behave properly as a baker! I haven't tried Rooster as they tend to be expensive and you are really only buying the trademarked Albert Bartlett name, but Red potatoes such as Romano will also bake well. I personally think there is no substitute for an hour in a hottish oven. I rub the skins with a little oil and sprinkle on some sea salt. If I'm pushed for time I cut them smaller or push an all-metal knife into the centre and leave it in for the duration of the bake. This helps to conduct heat through the the centre of the potatoes.
  5. Oh and it will keep for ages in the fridge - it should have a Best Before date of a few weeks on it. It is a living ferment so will develop in flavour as it matures and may develop white deposits on the surface - these are natural but if you see any mould then it has gone too far, so chuck it out.
  6. Mix a spoonful with hot water to make a good stock for soups - great for cooking noodles in. Fry a sliced spring onion or two, some fresh ginger, garlic and a fresh chilli in a wok for a few minutes. Add miso stock. Add a sheet of egg noodles. Allow to cook for a few mins Season to taste with shoyu soy sauce.
  7. Beanies does sell jars of pumpkin puree - worth giving a ring first to check it's in stock.
  8. I'd recommend Wellforce or try the Counselling Directory online there are plenty of listings to choose from.
  9. From your list of questions I would say - Do number three - talk to the council and they will give you the best advice as to how to proceed - and yes they will want to inspect your kitchen as a matter of course before you start selling...
  10. Try Lembas off Valley Road or Hukins both wholesalers. They do boxes of 12.5 kg but you'll have to ask them for prices...
  11. I agree! ... with celery too gorgeous!
  12. Thanks FR - yes I did get your pm but just haven't had a chance to do anything about it yet!
  13. Hukins is a wholesaler of Bakery supplies and of course Lembas - both in Heeley.
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