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  1. Done some investigation, Megan Staniforth married Leslie Hanlon and they had a son Richard Alexander Hanlon in 1979 and it looks like the three were actually living together as late as 2002 in the S21 postcode (Public info from 192.com)
  2. I know I'm YEARS too late, but my name is Nathan Staniforth, I'm the head of the Staniforth Surname society, the Megan and Sheila you mentioned are very distant cousins of mine, they were both the daughters of Eric Levick Staniforth and his wife Connie (nee Booth), I do know Megan married a man named Leslie Hanlon in 1971, not certain on their whereabouts however. My Grandad was Anthony Staniforth born 1942, he had a twin brother Mick and they would knock about in Beighton and Hackenthorpe, their dad was Winsor Staniforth, worked at Brookhouse Colliery. Also if anyone remembers Staniforths Sickleworks on Main St Hackenthorpe, that's my family.
  3. The painting at the top of this page is of Jonathan Staniforth of Firbeck Hall, it was found in an auction down in London, obviously originating from Firbeck Hall http://staniforthfamily.com/Wills.html
  4. I just wanted to make everyone aware of a new society linked to the Staniforth surname, it's still in it's early stages but there's already some decent information out there, of course Hunter's pedigree's have been heavily used as well as 20th Century research. The Sheffield Family History Society will also be mentioning the group in May's edition of The Flowing Stream. http://www.staniforthfamily.com
  5. My Grandad Anthony Heaton Staniforth and his twin brother Mick went where there 1952-1957, I know John Colley was in his class as well
  6. Some more information here. As I mentioned before, William James Le Tall married a distant cousin of mine Mary Staniforth Jubb, he passed away on 18 Sept 1904 and was buried at the Woodhouse Quaker Burial Ground which stood at the end of Meetinghouse Lane, which appears to have houses built on it now, Mary was also buried there. William had two sons ,Benjamin (Named after their father, also named Benjamin) and Frederick Tindall Le Tall (Named after his mother Mary Tindall). On his probate, William James Le Tall of Hackenthorpe leaves 30760pound 17s 3d and his wife leaves 275pound 14s 7d. His brother Frederick's will is proved by his brother William James Le Tall of Hackenthorpe and he leaves personal estate 6,586 3s 6d. I also know Fred married Eleanor Maud Hawson and had 3 girls, Ethel b1874, Mary 1876, Eleanor b1865 and son Frederick William Le Tall b1872. The wife was from Scarborough and she moves back there with the daughters upon her husbands death before dieing herself there in 1919. She leaves 3019pound 0s 8d
  7. Thanks for the link, that application has already been done, it's here on the map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/151+Rainbow+Ave,+Sheffield+S12+4AS,+UK/@53.349069,-1.3615737,178m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x48799daf6d5665dd:0xf1025dc56c94c599!8m2!3d53.3491452!4d-1.362763 I'll see if I find anything else on there
  8. I believe the new pond is in the valley itself, there was someone from the Shirebrook Valley Heritage Group that was saying the group hadn't been informed about this build going on across the other side of the A57, so it obviously can't be within the boundaries of the park (I wouldn't think that would be allowed anyway).
  9. Someone was telling me they've noticed some building work going on behind Delves Avenue near the roundabout off the A57 at Moss Way, anybody know what's being built, I presume this must be very close to the boundary of the Shirebrook Valley Nature Reserve
  10. Does anyone have any information or can point me in the right direction. I've been doing some extensive research on the Staniforth surname and my direct line leads to a Henry Stannyforthe who has son William baptized at St. James in 1560, and then he himself dies in 1575 and is buried there. His residence is listed as Herdings. Now obviously pre 1550s there are no parish records but there are links with some very eary Brincliffe Edge Staniforths and other local Norton families that would suggest my Henry was either from, or the son/grandson of a Brincliffe Edge Staniforth and I was curious to know what the area would have been like going way back, I suppose it would have been only a hamlet originally, or maybe even a village.
  11. I know we used to have the shop across from St. Marie's but as far as I know that's gone now, where would be the best place to buy things like Rosary beads besides eBay and the like?
  12. Hi Moira, sorry it took so long to reply, I actually found all three of those wills on Find My Past, as you can probably tell, William was the son of Samuel who was the son of Thomas Staniforth I, all on my great granddads.
  13. You could be right about that, I know Mary Staniforth and her husband William James Le Tall lived at Inkersall House at Hackenthorpe, he was a doctor and apparently well known for being into local history. They said when Mary died the funeral procession took her body over to woodhouse and everyone stood outside their houses to show respect along the route so they were definitely a well respected family. I haven't done much research into the Le Tall's myself I simply came across them when doing my Staniforth research and of course I'd heard of the Woodhouse book before.
  14. One of my distant cousins Mary Staniforth was married to William James Le Tall, I've been working for the past year on an extensive Staniforth tree with the help of the Local Family History group and they were both buried at Woodhouse, both Quakers also.
  15. A John Savage married an Elizabeth Stannyforthe of Geer lane back in the early 1600s, I know that from my extensive Staniforth research, Geer Lane is of course Ridgeway.
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