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  1. Fascinating thread! Have always wondered why there is a road in Hackenthorpe called "Four Wells Drive" as there is no trace of any wells and the street is over short to have accomodated 4 wells?
  2. Thanks to everyone who replied. I can now see that Drake House Farm and Chiwalli Farm were two different establishments. I can remember going with my daughter to the open air market that was held where the CP Car Park Extension is now. "SHIRE BROOK, The Forgotten Valley" by members of the Shire Brook Valley Heritage Group I have just bought the above book from Hackenthorpe PO. (£8:95) It is a beautiful book with lots of maps, colour photos and articles about the history of the Valley and it's modern uses. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has any connection with this area. I was so sorry to read that Alan Bailey, MBE, died last year. He & I spent some happy times together in the valley and, when he wasn't rescuing my errant Jack Russell, Lucy, he showed me inside the Spa House. I shall miss Alan, Anne aka Chy an Teg
  3. All the information was very helpful. One more question:- Well two really ..... I got my old maps of the area, going back to 1768, out last night looking for farms along the road from Hackenthorpe New Inn (now the vets) to Sothall. Found Drake House Farm. The fields around there belonged to a Miss Jermyn in 18th century but no mention of CHILLAWALLIA (or similar) Farm. Were Drake House Farm and Chillawallia one and the same? And where on earth did the strange name, Chillawallia, come from? Chy an Teg
  4. Thanks to everyone who replied to my query. I loved the old photos of Drakehouse - I just remember the area before Pistol Creeks was built. I moved over to Hackenthorpe during the Miners' Strike. I am now trying to find out where Carter's Yard was - probably long gone as I am talking 1900 here? Chyanteg.
  5. I live in Hackenthorpe now but am from the south so don't know any of the people you mention apart from the Wyers who live on Brook Lane now, I think? Howard's Cycle Shop closed just after I came to the village and it is a carpet shop now. Someone who knows I live in Hackenthorpe has asked me where Carter's Yard was? I have no idea. They think that it was in Hackenthorpe but it could have been over towards Beighton way? Chyanteg
  6. Yes - I know that it was in Derbyshire! Does anyone know if there was a farm at Drake House? Were there any other buildings in that hamlet? Does anyone know where any old photos of this place may be on line? Chyanteg
  7. "PORTRAIT OF THE MANOR in the 1930s" There is a copy of this book by Malcolm Mercer for sale on E.Bay at the moment. chy an teg
  8. Whereabouts on Windy House Lane was one side of the road much higher than the other? What numbers were the houses where the land slopedin this way? "Deep and wide, Deep and wide, there's a fountain flowing deep and wide Deep and wide, Deep and wide, there's a fountain flowing deep and wide!" and you end up just hmmming? chy an teg
  9. Thanks to all who have replied about my earlier query about 23 Windy House Lane. I have been looking at maps for this area from 1923-1940 and it looks as if, in early 1930s, the only building on Windy House Lane was a farm. Then the circles of houses at the top of Windy House Lane were built in late 1930s. I had previously thought that the houses on the Manor were built after WWII. Seems that I was wrong. I have also found a photo, (rather misty) of the beginning of building on Windy House Lane on "sheffieldvillages" by tracy. together with some other building in progress shots. Fascinating!! Is my time scale about the building of the Fairleigh estate right? chyanteg ( the confused southerner!)
  10. I posted yesterday on behalf of a friend of mine in Australia. He is trying to find information about his mother, Betty (Beatrice) OLDALE. Betty came to live with the OLDALE family at 23 Windy House Lane c 1925 after the death of her father. She would then have been about 5 yrs old. Betty married Norman EDWARDS in 1937 but continued to live at Windy House Lane until c. 1942. Two sons were born to her at 23 Windy House Lane. They think that they went to Gleadless School. I presume that that is the school on Hollinsend Road? My apologies as I think that I misled folks yesterday by giving the wrong house number. They definitely lived at no 23 - was that at the City Road end? "Chyanteg" (a confused southerner who fetched up in Sheffield by accident almost 30 yrs ago!)
  11. I know that I am going back a long way but I am trying to help a friend in Oz trace his mothers relatives. His mother was living with the OLDALE family at 123 Windy House Lane at some point from 1924 onwards. They eventually moved to Oz after the war and lost track of each other. Was no 123 City Road end or the other end? chyanteg
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