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  1. We moved on the estate around 1959/1960 first we lived on Overend Way in a tower house, after my dad passed away mom moved to a flat on Plowright close it was a nice place to live, I moved away in my 20's but mom still lived there until her passing in 2007 9 years ago today, when I went back every year to visit I was afraid of leaving her it was so nasty the Newfield Green shops were so dirty i was afraid for her living just across the street from them, sad it was such a nice place so clean and well kept.
  2. yes he did go there with my Aunt Pat Harrison we all lived on Doe Royd Cresent in the 40's and 50's I went to the school around 1955 to 1956 when we moved to Heeley then on to the Gleadless Valley wow such memories
  3. I must have walked by it many times on my way to and from Matthews lane school in the early 60's we used to go to the chip shop on that road near the nail makers pub, I have never been able to contact anyone going to Gleadless Valley Secondary Modern School I often wonder what happened to all of the ones I went to school with.
  4. I worked in the office of Kayser Ellison in Darnel in the 60's
  5. I moved from Sheffield, in 1973, first to New Jersey then to Miami Florida, not to keen on the summers here, they do get a bit to hot and humid, but I have two sons that I had over here so I couldn't move back to Sheffield even if I wanted to, and now that my mom has passed and my aunt its hard to say because I have not much to go home to Sheffield to, having said that, I have booked a trip for my husband and I in Feb, for our 40th anniversary, for 10days so who knows lol
  6. I lived on Tilletson (sorry for the bad spelling) Road, from about 1955 to maybe 1957 and went to Annes Road school, my sister went there before me from about 1950 to about 1955 her name was Judith Warburton, you may remember her.
  7. I used to work at the Fish and Chip shop on Newfield Green shops, i lived right across the road from them, and Keith the owner and his mom and dad and sister lived by me to. I think Keith still runs it with his wife, he was such a great man. I remember the Horse and Groom, used to meet a boy named Steve Story there, my goodness thats a long time ago, maybe 1964 lol oh well, some good memories.
  8. Hello everyone, i have looking for my grandma's brothers and sisters familys as i know her brothers will have passed away a long time ago, my grandma passed in about 1967, in her 60,s anyway her one brother was Bernard Briddock, and her younger brother was Leslie Blow, my great grandma there mother was Sarah Ellen Briddock then she remarried and has two more kids one was Olive Blow and Leslie Blow. Whish i could find there familys i did find Olives but she also had passed away and her son did not know much about her brothers. Thanks
  9. I went to the village school first, then to one on Birley Spa Lane, I think it was called Rainbow Forge but im not sure its been so long ago, i was about 4 or that was about 1955,
  10. I lived on Plowright Close for a long time before that we lived on Overend Way, then after my dad died we moved, i loved that estate it was so full of trees the woods where right next to the house at Overend, we loved going down that path and the little river than ran all the way down,to the new school. Did anyone attened Gleadless Valley Secondary Modern in the years 1962 to 1966, i have never been able to find any of the kids i went to school with in those years, I often wonder what happened to all of them.
  11. my dad was an electrician, for Firth Vickers Steel co., I left for the USA when i was 22 in 1973, the Gleadless Valley has really changed now its not that safe of a place to live, i used to visit and every year got my rental car broken into,
  12. Had an aunt that lived on Hartopp Road, her name was Aunt Dolly she had a daughter names Glynis, i lived just off Newfiled Green Road, on the Gleadless Valley across from the Shops, used to work at the Chip Shop when i was about 16.
  13. Oh i forgot to mention the school was called Anns Road School that i went to.
  14. my Grandma Warburton lived at about number 2 Gleadless Road, a church was behind her and a pub to the side across the road and you had a little bridge and the River Don ran under it, and a over bridge for the railroad was a little bit down further going toward Heeley Bottom, we lived on Tillitsone Road, forgot how to spell it, im 60 now and was 5 when i lived there lol
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