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  1. Really smart piece of advice that. Not only will the OP have the SORN/Insurance problem to sort out, which is a DVLA matter, doing what you suggest WILL get the police involved as it would render him liable to prosecution for criminal damage!
  2. Couldn't agree more. It was originally an evening paper but now is available at 8am. It's full of spelling and grammatical errors. The same story is often repeated two or three days running, and sometimes even in the same issue. The letters page is full of crap, and they now encourage people to send in their photographs for publication as a way of filling up space without having to pay anybody. I still buy it though, as it's about the only place I can keep up with local football!
  3. When Atlanteans replaced the trams on the Wadsley Bridge/Woodseats route, I seem to remember at least one of these then new buses was different to the others, being distinctive by having red strips on the otherwise white interior roof. Why I should remember that after all these years, heaven knows. I really ought to get out more!!
  4. I was at Twist Drill from 67-72. Started in CSD under Bob Cliffe in the old offices, and then we moved to the new block. Also worked for a while in "The School" down the road. The only Ken that springs to mind is Ken Mercer, who was always in CSD when I was there. It was rumoured at the time that he had a bit of a thing going with Christine Moss.
  5. I did two years at Nether Edge before we all upped sticks and moved to Abbeydale Boys GS in 1958. I can definitely remember Mr "Gem" Belcher, but couldn't say for sure if he was at both NEGS & ABGS. Now you've made me realise that it's the 50th Anniversary of ABGS opening this coming September. Pass the zimmer frame!
  6. Sorry, but 'tis GruntFuttock - see here on the BBC, and they should know! http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbc7/comedy/progpages/horne.shtml
  7. For me it has to be the Goons. Only they could come with with digging up Dartmoor Prison, replacing it with a cardboad replica,and towing it across the English Channel to France - all because prisoners were cheaper to get in France! For one of the all time favourite sketches listen
  8. Re Nether Edge/Abbeydale Think Ken Ramsbottom is between Potts and Simpson on the schoool photo. Andy Walker once dived into a swimming baths, cracked his head on the bottom and broke his neck. He was at school for ages with a cast round his head.
  9. Myself, my wife, and my sister were all taught to drive in the 60s by a chap called Peter (I think surname Elliot) who originally worked at Bert Fell's Driving School, which was based at the Highfield end of Abbeydale Road.
  10. I used to live almost opposite Denise Hingley on Lancing Rd. I think she went to St Barnabas on Alderson Rd, but not sure what secondary school. She moved with her family to somewhere around either the Bournemouth or Wimbourne area many years ago. I know her parents Fred and Edna have both passed away. My parent kept in touch with the family for quite a while, but that was many years ago now.
  11. Can anyone remember the "hot dog" man in the early 60s? He used to turn up in something like an A40 van, open the back doors, and there inside was the food. He had a big tub of what I think was sausage meat and onions mixed together, and used to spread it onto a breadcake. Looking back, I don't recall a lot of hygiene being practised, and if today's food police came across anything like that now they'd shut it down. However, it was quite tasty, and as far as I know he never killed anyone!
  12. In the 1950s I went to St. Barnabas School on Alderson Rd., which is very close to Shoreham Street, and remember a lad called Vintin. I think his name was Derek, but not 100% on that. He'd be in his early 60's now.
  13. More names - R.J.S."Noddy" Wiseman, Len Buchan, Roger Hinckley, Freddie Potts, Parsons, Biltcliffe, Albert Hill, Ken Cook. What about the head's secretary, Faith? Mr Kenneth "Rabbi" Ramsbottom is to be found in the South stand at Bramall Lane at home games. Not so good at getting around these days, but still got an active brain and a good memory!
  14. Page after page of excuses for speeding, going through bus/tram gates, ignoring road signs etc. etc. What is really upsetting everybody is that cameras catch people who are breaking the law, and these people are using the financial aspects as a smoke screen for their own inadequacies. You can pick and choose which laws you don't like, but you can't pick and choose which laws you should obey. If you don't like the law, then vote out the people who put it there, and vote in someone who'll change it for you. Better still, put yourself up for election on the "do away with bus gates" ticket, and see how far it gets you.
  15. I did my first two years at Nether Edge, and then the remainder after we moved to Abbeydale. In all my time there, the houses were Richmond (red), York (yellow), Pevril (blue), and Conisbrough (green). I wonder when they changed - and why.
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