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  1. Correction: The opportunity to vote out the incumbent government happens every 5 years or, well, maybe not depending on the PM. And, unless your vote goes to the party that eventually wins the majority of seats, then you can't guarantee to have your cake and eat it. Don't mean to burst your bubble, but...... reality is a bitch
  2. Largest economy, by GDP, maybe, but if you look at potential customers, it would be China, then India, then the EU, then the USA. Now, if you consider Trump's America First mantra, do you think the UK will get a great deal from the US (one that puts the UK first)? Besides, how long do you think it will take to negotiate an extremely complex trading arrangement between two very extensive, diverse economies? If we only had a few products to sell, it might be a year or 3. But, the UK has hundreds of thousands of commodities as do the US. How long do you think it will take for a deal like that to be negotiated to suit both sides, but not favour one over the other? If you think this can be sorted out so that once UK leaves EU there will be a deal with the US ready to go, then you will be sorely mistaken. Why do think May is effectively laying her legs wide open for Trump? Because she knows the EU will play hardball and she's hoping she can butter Trump up. Big mistake. If UK policy for the future prosperity of this country is to play goo-eyes at the sexist, bigot in the WH........ Oh dear.:(
  3. Sore losers? What about sore winners? Besides, it's all part of the debate to question motives and ask how much research, thought etc., went in to a person's vote. They can say or they can keep their own counsel. That is their right in a democratic, free society. Asking why is not being a 'sore loser'; it is simply asking why, when most facts and expert opinion seemed to point one way, did a person completely ignore all of that and do the opposite? And when answers are given like either 'take back control' (that's a slogan at best) or 'because of those EU laws' and then cannot recount one single EU law that has held them back personally or 'to control our borders and stop all those refugees and illegal asylum seekers' I despair - knowing, that for those I have spoken to and who have given responses, they appear to understand almost nothing about what they have been voting for. But, as I said to my partner, you can't stop idiots from voting, only if they are clinically insane. I find it depressing that, when it comes to major decisions, like the EU Ref or general elections, very few (it seems) do any real research. They have a view and all they wish to do is find anyone or anything that backs up that view, rather than see both sides. You will label me a sore loser because I voted remain and ask why of those that voted leave, that is your right. It is your opinion and you have a right to have that opinion. You are wrong in your opinion, but it matters little to me if you hold it. I voted remain, I believe it was the wrong decision, I believe many who voted leave did not and still do not have any idea how this might or will impact upon their lives - I hope, positively, I fear very negatively. I hope I am wrong, for I, along with everyone, will benefit. If I'm right, I, along with everyone, suffer the consequences. My problem is that not one person I have spoken to who voted leave has accepted that there is a chance, however slim they might believe, that they could have made the worst possible decision in their lives. Not one. The remain camp are constantly told, we are wrong; we are sore losers; we are negative; we are doing the country down. Seems leave can do no wrong. I sincerely hope they have not.
  4. 1. If you take EU as a whole and ROW as a collection of individual countries, your assertion is woefully inaccurate https://fullfact.org/europe/uk-eu-trade/ 44% of UK exports got to EU. 56% go to all other, individual countries around world (all of which UK would need to negotiate individual deals with - each one potentially taking years to conclude. On the reverse, 53% of what we import comes from EU (and around 40% of our energy is import from EU - gas, oil, electricity etc.,) When duty is applied to EU imports (which, leaving single market will happen, under WTO rules, for as long as it takes to a: negotiate new deal with EU and b: negotiate new deals with all other ROW countries) that will increase personal energy costs, it will increase cost of goods imported, bought in shops, it will also increase costs of manufactured/processed goods (both increase raw material costs and costs of production with energy used). All of which will result in higher prices, but lower wages by comparison. Of course, if profits and sales are hit, companies will be forced to look at cost savings, usually meaning job losses. (Maybe you'll be ok - Russian roulette, eh?) 2. Immigration policy controls - well, that is fine if the impression given by the country is 'we want you here'. Unfortunately, to many 'immigrants' I speak to deal, through my work (in international trade) the UK does not have a very good image worldwide. Racists, bigots, xenophobes are words I hear often. I find myself apologising for my country and for those people on the news, youtube etc,. who confirm that view. I am apologising for racists!!! Actually, I've stopped doing that. Now I just say, every society has a section of people most would rather just didn't exist. Majority of us do not see foreigners as bad, just people from another lump of rock. So, we can control our borders and let in only those who we want, let's hope people will still want to come to UK to be racially abused by small-minded bigots..... 3. Last I knew UK had sovereign rights to make it's own laws. But here's a question, imagine a German came up with a really good, sensible law. I'm going to be flippant, but say the new law by a German was no owner of any company could kill an employee for making a mistake? Would you reject the law because it wasn't suggested/made by an English person? Or is it the validity of the law/rule that's more important than the nationality of the person who came up with it? And, on a question of British or EU laws - what EU laws are so bad that you see leaving the EU is better, overall? There must a raft of them, a mountain of them. Otherwise, it is a bit like scrapping your car because you got a flat tyre.... 4. It is a matter of perspective, the question of economy, wealth etc., It is widely accepted that the UK economy is one of the strongest in the world. We are either the 5th or the 9th largest in the world https://fullfact.org/economy/uk-worlds-5th-or-9th-largest-economy/ So, how is that possible if being in the EU is so detrimental to us? Either it's bad, in which case our economy should be far, far worse. Or it's not, in which case it should be top 10 or top 5. It cannot be a terrible thing, but factually be a good thing. Perhaps it comes down to perspective - you feel or believe it is bad because, well, many factors, mostly you can't put your finger on. Or it's due to personal circumstances. 'I'm not rich because I don't have a million pounds in the back, but I've heard about people who do, so that makes me poor' or 'I have a job, but I'm not paid as much as some other people I've heard of, so that makes me poor' or some other personal method of assessment. Come Apr 2019 remain or leave will be proved right and those proven wrong will know for sure then and there. Remain, so it seems, are harbingers of doom and gloom, whereas, from the remain perspective, leave are away with the fairies, believing all will be fine and the UK will get the greatest deal ever and everything will be onwards and upwards. I hope remain are proven wrong; I hope the harbingers of doom are proven to have been wide of the mark. The opposite doesn't bear thinking about. Finally, it would be gratifying to hear one leave voter, just one leave voter, accept that there is a faint possibility that they might just have got it wrong. After all, if they have, 100% (of those bar the wealthy in this country - which is many, many of us) will be affected. Voting leave will not protect you from the negative effects of leaving the EU, if that were to happen.
  5. As has been pointed out before, depends how a country goes about curbing immigration. I do believe, also, that Fartage and his cronies have muddied the water (on purpose, of course) regarding immigration to the extent that almost everyone I have spoken to on the subject doesn't have a clue, in a legal sense, what is an immigrant. And it is no good saying it doesn't matter, in a legal sense, because unless you advocate vigilante justice, where the mob decide on a person by person basis, then the law has to be applied. For example, someone claiming refugee status they are not covered by immigration law. As for a step towards nazism - the policy proposed by Rudd, applying to companies publishing the number of non-British workers they employ is very similar to an excerpt from Mein Kampf - so, no, not that far. My face fits, though. I have a British passport, I have a birth certificate that shows I was born here. However, my mother would now be labelled an immigrant (having been an Irish citizen). So I may fall foul of any second wave of repatriation!!!
  6. That is what it is supposed to be, but the reality is that it's what the govt believe the majority want, hence the lurch to the far right concerning immigration. They have taken the EU Ref vote to be a single issue for the electorate - immigration - all the rhetoric that is coming from Rudd, May, Davis etc., is about curbing immigration, (severely) reducing immigration, effectively shutting up shop to Johnny Foreigner. Rudd's proposed policy of getting firms to disclose the number of non-British workers in their employ is so reminiscent of a policy imposed by another govt around 80 years ago it's scary. It's one step away from having to wear some kind of ID or badge to denote who is non-British. The UK seems to be being driven by an agenda that, if it is not racist, it is sailing oh so close to it. People, we have a new enemy; it is an enemy within; and that enemy is 'immigrant'. It's a loose definition and covers anyone who doesn't 'look' British. Vigilante groups will trawl (troll?) the streets demanding of anyone who doesn't look British to prove that they are or 'get the <removed> back to your own country'. The time machine is real and we, the UK, are travelling back in time, circa 1930's....
  7. Oh, I don't know - I regularly give to charity at my home. Have I introduced my wife... Charity. (OK, you saw it coming, but it sill made you chuckle!)
  8. Why don't you start a charity - 'sponsor a pint'?
  9. 11.30, 12.45, 13.28, 14.40, 17.10 That's some of the times yesterday. Weird, but they repeated today - that's the BBC for you!!
  10. So, she'll be ejected in the second wave, eh? I see and read what is written. I make an assumption based on the question - How have you benefitted from immigration? And the answer; '.. my wife...' For sure, it is possible she could be the offspring of an immigrant (bet your in-laws love [loved] you!) or she could have been an immigrant herself. And if she is not an immigrant, why is she Jamacian? If she was born here, she's British of Jamacian descent, or can you not bring yourself to call her British? Maybe she calls herself Jamacian (in which case, do you slag her off as having contempt for the country of her birth and ask her why she remains?) And what about your children (assuming you have any)? Are they British? Jamacian? At what point do the 'blood' get diluted enough to say they are 'British' - 3rd gen, 4th gen (or never)? In which case, how do you feel about having children who will never be considered part of your beautiful isle? Oh, and for drawing an assumption based on your words and getting it half right, I apologise (for the part I got wrong). However, in the eyes of the BNP, your wife is an immigrant. and she will treated accordingly. (Least you'll be alright, Jack)
  11. Oddly enough, unless you live in Fife, you're not voting for Brown. You're voting for the candidate of a particular party. Now, if you're saying you'd never vote for a party that Brown is the leader of (irrespective of how well your local MP may have performed) then fair enough. Let's hope you don't vote out a decent MP and get in a jerk, just for the sake of ousting Brown.
  12. Done it. Came back with one (that's ONE!) story. And it was about the racial attack on two ASIAN teenagers! Which prompted a protest of around 100 adults (to the attack [blooming unreasonable, protesting about a person in their community being attacked!!!]) back in Feb 2009. "One witness said: "I saw about 100 Asian adults making a big commotion outside the school. The police were trying to hold them back but some got through and were being hauled away having their collars felt." Hardly a riot - 'collars felt'!!! Even Googled 'race riots sheffield' and 'sheffield race riots' - came back with link the the SINGLE story in the Star of an incident back in Feb 2009. So, where else are all these 'riots' going on? And why are they not being reported? (I suppose it's the press and the govt and some conspiracy). Or maybe it's all in your head. (Oh, still feeling hungry )
  13. Here is the post in question: Quote: Originally Posted by boyfriday Figures from 2009 show an unemployment rate of 8.6% of the city population, compared to 8.2% for Yorkshire and 7.4% nationally. From the last Census in 2001 the figure was 6.5% for Sheffield. http://www.nomisweb.co.uk/reports/lm...px#tabempunemp Do you believe there are any benefits to immigration? If so, what would you say they are? For whom ? Well for me obviously my wife however white british people are on a steep slope to being a minority in their own country which I believe will lead to a total division, socially, economically . __________________ What we have here is failure to communicate,. Some men you just can't reach so you have here what we had last week, . Which is the way he was,well he is. I don't like it any more than you do:....... Guns n rose's. Civil war, taken from the film cool hand luke. Its always in the last place you look, fact. ------------------------------------------------------------- See bold and bold italics - so one of the benefits (to you) of immigration is your wife (i.e. she is either an immigrant or the offsrping of an immigrant) otherwise, why say she is your benefit from immigration? Der These are not sweeping generalisations - it is an assumption based on the question posed to you and the answer you gave. No apology, unless you lied and your wife is not your benefit from immigration. In which case, why say she is. As for the Jamacian bit - this has been deduced from the posts of others in response to your rants elsewhere. If this is wrong, it is because I assumed others knew more about you situation than I care to know. So, to clarify then (if you can), your wife is Jamacian, but she is not an immigrant. How is that? P.S. Your spelling seems to desert you the more angry you become - imigrant! and beleive. You love the British so much you can't spell the language! (Cue the 'you have utter contempt for the British yet you choose to stay here' drivel - if that's all you've got, you don't have much).
  14. I sincerely hope the electorate do not see it as a case of '(we don't like) Brown' so let's vote for any party that he's not the leader of - though, sadly, for some it probably is just that.
  15. I've just been following the thread of your posts with Br8whatsit - incredible! I really didn't think he could be more dense, but each day and in everyway he gets more and more dense. Muslims running in the streets shouting al Qaeda al Qaeda! Fantasyland. Maybe he was watchng some footage of a street in Iraq and thought it was somewhere on Sheffield. I've tried googling to see if I've missed that on the news, but can't find a thing. I'm sure, given the current climate of mistrust of all 'Muslim-looking' people, such an incident would have been given column inches (if only in the Daily Mail). And of course retep is a bona fide source of correct information!! Thankfully, he's so foolish he's not really that dangerous. I mean, if you make a statement that can neither he can back up nor anyone else, that's says one thing, doesn't it?
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