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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, got all caught up getting sorted for Christmas.
  2. Thank you for the recommendation, I think you need to be within a certain area to become a new patient but that area is much broader than I thought it would be.
  3. We've just moved to Greystones and the Rustlings Road Surgery was recommended unfortunately they are no longer taking new patients until at least April next year. Can anyone recommend a good practice? Thank you.
  4. I've put a thread in property and housing but not sure where it should be place really. Just hoping to get some idea of what this village would be like to live in. Sorry if I'm getting this wrong posting this in two places!
  5. We've seen a property in Over Haddon and wondered if anyone who lived there might tell us a little of what it is like to live there? From investigations it seems like there is a fair amount happening through the village hall and there is a good community feel, is that right? Also interested in how good the broadband access is as that is a necessity for work. Thank you
  6. Thanks Harriet for such a detailed response and the recommendations, just what I was looking for. It's good to see the actual prices that things cost you rather than people giving us estimates. DH is worried that we'll get estimates that fit with the budget only for it to cost more when it comes to actually doing it and we haven't got a fortune to dip into. I'd love to be able to do this project but just wonder if I'm cutting the budget a bit fine. Might not be a goer. Hmm. Lots to think about. Thanks for all the offers for coming to give estimates we're still a way off deciding if we'll take the project on. I don't want to get into something we really can't afford. It's great being able to come on here and ask people who know what they're talking about.
  7. I know it's daft asking a question when none of you have seen the house.... It's a 1960s semi, not huge. Lounge (18'x11'), dining kitchen (12'x10'), 3 beds, bathroom. How much to plaster, new kitchen and bathroom do you reckon? Maybe add a conservatory. Is £20,000 WAY too little? Are there any reliable recommendations for a builder that could take it all on? Or would I be better finding separate people for kitchen/bathroom? Thanks
  8. Gosh Tuckwoods brings back memories as well as stories my mum tells me of going to Tuckwoods when she was a child. Looks like there might be a chance of doing the ritz with my mum and a sheffield one with my other half! Brilliant. Thanks for all the recommendations, will investigate those options.
  9. Great ideas, thank you Actually this is what my mum wants to give us ...but it's a long old haul to London and thought this would make a nice alternative. And the other half is not as keen on the whole 'afternoon tea' option as I am.
  10. I have used the search function but the threads are a few years old and wondered if anyone had a more recent experience. I'm looking for a lovely afternoon tea (the whole sandwiches, cakes and scones rather than a cream tea). I've seen Leopold Hotel and St Paul's. What are these like? We've been bought a Spa Experience at 1877 so wondered about going there mid morning, then walking down to somewhere lovely (a bit luxurious) for afternoon tea. So ideally somewhere in Sheffield rather than a drive away. Anyone had any lovely/awful experiences we should know about?
  11. I have two alcoves that I want cupboards and thick floating shelves building into. I would love to hear some recommendations if anyone has had someone do a similar job for them. Thanks
  12. A friend showed me the Scrapbook she made for another friend's retirement, it was fantastic. I saw an old thread that said there were Scrapbooking days at Beauchief Baptist Church. I was wondering if these still run? Thanks for any help.
  13. Any chance anybody knows of a reliable and good landscaper to do a relatively simple job of turning a building site of a lawn back into a lovely lawn? Any recommendations would be great, we've not had the best of luck recently with work done on the house.
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