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  1. For information, none of the above criteria match. Property is bog standard semi-detached ex council house.
  2. Advice please? I live in oughtibridge, we have a large brick built outhouse attached to our house, previously it had a concrete flat roof. We have improved this by building a pitched roof (on top of existing flat roof) with rosemary tiles to match house. Should we have applied for permission or building regs etc? We now want to sell the house, will this cause us an issue? How do we resolve? Many thanks
  3. Can you pm me a price for me to consider please? Thanks
  4. Jeff- Hi I need a price for fitting 7 oak veneer doors, I've bought them so fitting only? Oughtibridge Thanks
  5. Thanks anyway, if anyone can let me know if they have tickets for Friday and cant make it, i will be more than happy to pay full price for them and can meet you at the venue? Thanks
  6. I'm after tickets for the Friday if anyone has any?? Does anyone know if they keep any spare tickets on the door, ive tried the box office number but no tickets available :-( thanks
  7. thanks but wickes nor B&Q sell longer lengths- I need min 3.8m -bought last lot at timber specialist S6 4.2m lengths but they are closed today so all work stopped for me
  8. I need five 4x2 lengths timber, does anyone know anywhere I can collect from today- bank holiday Monday? Thanks
  9. Spaniel (springer/cocker) dog found today, ****dog returned to owner now**** Thanks
  10. Has anyone seen foreign looking lads around Oughtibridge over the lads few mornings? Over the past two mornings i have been walking my dogs around 8.00 am and come accross 3 young people early 20's who looked to be walking down from the Warncliffe side area with rucksacks and what looked to be sleeping bags under their arms in bin bags? They didnt look like they were from the UK and looked a bit lost. I saw another this morning walking around the one way system in here with a scrap of paper looking for somewhere/someone at the same time? Has someone opened a back packing hostel here?? Has anyone seen them?
  11. Hi, spent ten years doing this in kardamena, kos- Greece, loads of bar work, very friendly, you will get lots of help from the regular workers to find jobs and accommodation.. just book a weeks holiday and go from there. There's a good forum which the workers use- Ill post you a link but you may need to register to use it yourself? Kos the island itself is great but go to resort of kardamena as this is where the english mainly go to work...its a good start for you anyway, safe and friendly. http://www.kos.me.uk/index.php?board=14.0 pm if need more info, all the best
  12. Hi, I can provide a quote if you like? Where are you based?- please feel free to call me if you would like to arrange a no obligation quote and some advice. Let me know if you want to see a link to some previous work, see link below for a forum reference, thanks chris
  13. Hi, Anyone been to a previous show- what goes on? any good for kids? thanks
  14. those big Netto ones are good for storing tools lol and they give people a laugh
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