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  1. hiya frank.thanks for reply.is alan fairfax still around?do you have any contact?as i said ,he is my cousin,havn,t seen him for donkey,s years. all the best joe moffatt. ---------- Post added 14-09-2013 at 14:52 ---------- hiya frank ,not sure if my reply got through.is alan fairfax still around and do you have any contact?he,s my cousin but have not seen him for donkey,s years.all the best joe moffatt ---------- Post added 14-09-2013 at 15:01 ---------- hiya frank prpblems with pc did my last message re alan fairfax get through?joe moffatt. ---------- Post added 14-09-2013 at 15:11 ---------- it,s me again frank (joe moffatt)i keep sending a message but my pc says it hasn,t got through.i,ll try again.is alan fairfax still around and do you have any contact all the best joe ---------- Post added 14-09-2013 at 15:17 ---------- hiya frank,how are you? is alan fairfax still around and do you have any contact with him? haven,t seen him for donkey,s years. all the best joe moffatt
  2. hiya frank,joe moffatt here.(fossil) how are you ?i remember the lathkildale trip.phil harrison worked on the next lathe to me.i also remember all the lads you named plus eric whiteley dougie hill alan fairfax pete howard roy knight stan horton(my foreman).i remember toasting bread on the pot bellied stove in the machine shop.i recall xmas when we got our wages .we went to morgan fairest,s office where he shook hands with all the workers and gave us our xmas bonus and a box of 50 senior service fags.good old days,gone forever now.i dont know owt about the pension fund though it must owe me a few quid,i worked there for some years.i was in touch with dave stewart a few weeks ago but of the others i dont know who,s still around.lost touch years ago.i live in barnsley now.got to go now talk to you later all the best joe moffatt.
  3. hi dave,thanks for your quick reply.no,i have lost touch with all the lads now.it would be nice to know who is still around. even morgan fairest have gone.the building is still there though,you can get pictures of it on sheffield library pictures under morgan fairest or sorby street and google pictures.i remember john shepherd,we used to go playing darts together for cash.good times.sad they have gone.it was one of the best firms i ever worked for.great lads too.dave stennet[bENNY BEAR]phil harrison,johnny dimberline,roy knight,keith hobson,eric whiteley,alan fairfax[my cousin] he was in the fitting shop.cant remember them all.i went into the pub trade as well.gotta go now talk to you later regards joe.
  4. hi-ya dave long time no see. nice to here from you,how you keeping.do you still live in sheffield.i live in barnsley not a million miles away.thanks for your reply,yes i am still alive.hope to here from you soon.regards joe:
  5. remember sisters bertram and vianna[head]her classroom was above the bikesheds[i think thats what they were]in the playground?.also mr.giles[farmer],he was my last teacher before i left.still wondering who you are.joe moffatt :confused:
  6. so many memories.i remember sisters mercy,aquinas,also sister bertram,tiny and always had a red face,not forgetting sister vianna[head sister.she had her own classroom above the bikesheds.i think thats what they were.also mr. giles [farmer],my last teacher.ps.who are you.? joe moffatt
  7. hya,i went to st caths the same time as you.mrs.smith was my 1st teacher.my favourite teacher was sister rapheal .we must have been in the same class.remember the moffatt twins?i am joseph[joe].twin brother called peter.classmates were alan yates,fred horseman,chester lowe,dennis trainer,james linton,john guilfoyle to name but a few.sadly school now demolished.there is a photo of its demise on sheffield library.com pictures.youv,e got me wondering who you are now.sorry,only just found this.all the best joe.
  8. hey up denis.i started on those little pillar drillers then moved onto the lathes fineshed up turning for most of my life.
  9. hi sorry didnt know him didnt start work there untill around 1956/7 thanks for the reply.joe.
  10. Hi Hillsbro Can you tell me where you got the copy of the kellys directory please. Thankyou Joe
  11. Hi Who walked through fiery jack tunnel as a kid.Did you dare !!! Thanks Joe
  12. Hi Anybody buy there clobber from the trouser bar on Attercliffe Rd in its day. Thanks Joe
  13. Hi I worked at Morgan fairest in the 50,s 60,s and 70,s . Name Joe Moffatt. Any body remember me or worked there. Thank you Joe
  14. Hi Looking for another website that has old pictures of sheffield. Just like the picture Sheffield site.. Any Links ?? Thankyou Joe
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