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  1. its a bit of a difference when u actually work there , and u treat the animals to ur best of your ability , then u get people stick their nose in thinking they no what goes off and they dont ,
  2. I havent been on here long , but the threads i have seen about pets at home hurts. I work at pets at home ,and the amount of people slag the company down is un fair. We treat the animals to the best of our ability , any animal wat is sick or unwell gets took straight to the vets , and only ever goes out back on the shop floor once it has the vets say so. All of our colleagues , has to pass there exams before anybody can sell any pets , if we dont pass the exams we dont sell the pets to u. When you say when you animal has died within a few days of bringing it home , u dont think of the stress do u? we do advise all pets sales to leave the animals at least 48 hours to settle in correctly , cause if u dont , that can cause illnesses and die. and also with fish sales , i have seen some threads saying there fish has died within a few days , we do ask before we sell any fish to u what size litre of fish tank you do have and how many fish u have got , if u have got more the required amount in the fish tank dont u think u will have some die , due to the oxygen levels in the tank We do advise what fish to go in what tank and how many , its the owners responsiblitie at end of day, yes you may get a replacement , but only with a water sample so we can test the water in store.
  3. theres only certain stores in PAH doin reptails
  4. ive heard they are good , and i no you can buy items there which is cheaper then the internet !!!! its a pram im after really , silver cross , so i never no lol
  5. ive just had a look at there website :http://www.the-bfg.co.uk/babyshower.html and it isnt what i want , i am wanting something like the NEC were you can buy items etc... thanks anyway
  6. can u pick up bargains like they say? and get items cheaper then the shop price , ive got the main bits , its just the pram i need now lol
  7. I got Prima baby and pregnency magazine today and they are advertising a baby show in birmingham at the NEC , im just wondering as anyone been to one before? and what are they like? I no you can pick up some good bargains !! thanks x
  8. i first felt my baby move when i was 18 weeks , that was the first kick it kicks nearly every day but doesnt kick at night hahaha i think it nos its routine already
  9. im convinced thou im having a girl , lol. but then again the names will change when baby is here , as some babys dont actually suit there names lol
  10. awww bless , well tuesday i find out what im having lol. at the mintue i like george mattew but my mind changes all time lol, i dont no about girls
  11. thats what im keeping doin , then i put a middle name with the first name then it doesnt sound right !!! , i no im only 19 weeks , got a long way of yet , lol
  12. How hard is it to chose a name !!! i have thought of a few names , then i go off the idea , How did u chose your name for your little one? x
  13. thanks for the replys everyone Im not letting the tests bother me , its a life at end of day , my childs life , and im going to love it and support it no matter what,
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