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  1. I was born in a back to back, one up one down, in the old Park district on Bungay Street prior to the building of the Park Hill Flats. Awful conditions but smashing people.
  2. I remember going here around 1959/60. I think it might have been earlier than the Zing Vaa.
  3. My great Grandma (Mary Ambler) lived on, I think, Stothard Road. She died in 1958 at the age of 87. I remember her as a very nice and gentle woman. I spent many hours on the Bolehills when I used to visit her.
  4. I was born in 1946 in the Park district (Bungay Street) and my mother often took me to Norfolk Park. I still have many fond memories of the place I spent many hours between the late 1940s and early 1950s in the Park. I seem to remember there was a cafe in the middle unless my mind is playing tricks. The big event was the fair/gala that took place there each year which had a wide assortment of rides, events and sideshows. Great memories.
  5. I was born on Bungay Street in 1946 and went to Park School as well taking regular visits to the Park and Norfolk cinemas. My first memory of Duke Street was being taken to the library by my parents. Can't quite remember the librarians name Miss Brookbanks (?) who worked there for many years.
  6. It's a shame there aren't more photos of Bungay Street and area before it was demolished. I remember my parents taking me to Park library when I was about 5 (around 1951) I think it was a Miss Brookbanks that was the librarian. There was also the pigeon cotes just off Bungay Street.
  7. Worked at Arthur Lees Crown Works in Attercliffe. Hard and dangerous work. The red hot metal came through the rollers very fast. In between times the men would go to the pub and drink 8-10 pints per day which was usual - the fluid would be sweated off. It looked like Dante's Inferno with smoke, red hot metal, noise and the silhouetted figures of steelworkers in the midst of it. There was sandwich shop on Attercliffe Road - dripping sandwiches were popular.
  8. Still can't believe I'm an OAP (for a year now). All of a sudden I was in my 40s and then whoosh I'm in my mid 60s. There are some great opportunities for youngsters now regarding technology and travel. Nonetheless I feel fortunate growing up as a kid in the 1950s. Although I lived in what was a slum area (the Park district pre-Park Hill flats) it was a great community with many smashing people. The 1960s provided some good teenage years going to the Locarno and seeing all the big names in music coming to Sheffield. Getting old then was what happened to other people but here I am.
  9. Dad took me to Hillsborough when I was about 3 in 1949. Went to many matches in the 1950s and remembered how exciting it was to see wingers, a centre forward, inside right/left and full backs who never came over the half-way line. Supporters could also swap sides at half-time. Remember the score board at Leppings Lane end?
  10. Has my tonsils out there in the 1950s when it was a standard requirement for kids to have the op. Still remember those three days I spent in the hospital.
  11. My first film at the Rex was Curse of the Werewolf with Oliver Reed in 1961.
  12. Cannot believe that John Fantham is not in the Hall of Fame. I know it's difficult to compare teams over time but I do think the Catterick team was the best Wednesday side I have seen. They were exciting to watch with two fast wingers in Wilkinson and Finney, solid midfielders such as Swan and Kay, great goalie in Springett and of course forwards like Fantham and Craig. Pity they did not have a better centre forward. I rate the Spurs match (12 Nov 1960, att. 56,363, 2.1 to Wednesday) as one of the best I have seen at Hillsborough. I was on the kop that day - went in soon as the turnstiles opened.
  13. I started at Arthur Lee and Sons in 1961 age 15. My first wage packet was £2 13s 6d. Remember buying a shirt that first week with what was left over.
  14. I remember catching the last bus from Pond Street to Brinsworth in the 1960s and there was a guy who caught that bus who fancied himself as Dean Martin. He wore a suit, had black curly hair and was great fun. He had obviously had a few pints but he always entertained those on that last bus home singing Deano songs.
  15. I remember hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time playing 'Hey Joe' on the juke box in the Nelson (Moor) - great stuff.
  16. It was the first pub I went in - must have been around 1961. I was under age and really nervous about it.
  17. Me-and-Pippo - thanks for that excellent link. Wow that is the first time I have seen the old Park district for decades - especially Bungay Street (just over four minutes into the film). How great that a film was taken before the area was demolished. What poverty but what wonderful people. I have so many fond memories of the place.
  18. Does anyone remember Dr Wilson? He shared a practice on both the Park and Manor for many years and was a very popular doctor. My mum used to take me to Norfolk Park and I remember the annual Gala they held there. Did anyone go to the old Park school?
  19. Yes I remember Billy Bean. Have a look at this great website - 'Whirligig' (click on Children's TV) http://www.whirligig-tv.co.uk/ - and you will find Billy Bean.
  20. I served my apprenticeship at Lee's at Meadowhall between 1961 and 1966. Worked in the tool room and other places including the Crown works at Attercliffe. Many memories of characters that worked there. I Remember going to the bookies for the blokes and also fetching them bacon rolls from a shop on the main road. My dad worked at the Attercliffe works for many years.
  21. I remember my dad taking me there in 1956/57? when I was ten to see Elvis Presley in Love Me Tender.
  22. I lived on Raeburn Road in the early 1960s. I used to catch the bus opposite Norton aerodrome and remember one morning during the great gale of 1962 a bloke running for the bus. He could not stop and carried on across the road and finished up crashing into the fence. Have some very fond memories of the area.
  23. I served my apprenticeship at Arthur Lee's between 1961 and 1966. Although I was based mainly at Wincobank I did a six month stint in the drawing office at Ecclesfield.
  24. My dad first took me to see Wednesday in the 1950s (his favourite was a '40s player called Jackie Robinson) so have fond memories of some of those players. Sorry to read about the death of Norman Curtis earlier this year. Anyone remember Norman? I was 14 in 1960 and Ron Springett was my favourite. Wednesday had a couple of good wingers in Wilkinson and Finney but it was a pity they did not have a good centre forward in that early sixties team. Saw the Spurs match when we won 2.1 - great game. I was on the cop and the fog made it difficult to see what was happening at the other end. I have great memories of that team but also of the early 1990s team when I travelled home and away with my two daughters to see Wednesday. Let's hope better times return
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