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  1. I'm looking for a builder for renovation of a 1 bedroom flat: If you are interested in the work can you provide a rough quote (+/- 25%) by cob on Tuesday (12th October) by private message. I'm looking for someone who can arrange the majority of the work, rather than individual trade. Reference from similiar project will be required. The property is to be rented afterwards, so only for a basic refit. All rooms Remove and replace existing heating system ~1200 cm run from meter to boiler, requires upgrading to 22mm. Kitchen 300 (w), 360 (l), 260 (h) Boarding or remove existing render and rerender. Rewire (4 double sockets, cooker, washer, dryer, boiler) New cosumer unit Kitchen Supply and Fit (6 base units, 4 wall units, worktops, sinks, tiling) Ceiling repaper Replace internal fire door. Outside light Gas cooker point Middle Room 400 (w), 450 (l) Repair door frame. Internal bead around window frame. Repaint (walls + ceilng) Change Light Fitting Heavy duty curtain rail Revarnish door. Hallway 144 (w), 385 (l) Repaint Bathroom 260 (w), 280 (l) Replace shower tray + shower screen Shorten door to increase clearence with floor Remove waste pipe for washing machine and cap two pipes Small section of tiling. Replace light Bedroom 390 (w) , 480 (l) Remove sink Install 2 x 2 new sockets Replace light pendalent Fix plastering around bay window Replace fire door, fix frame Remove wall paper and redecorate. Remove stone heath and make good floor / skirting Securely fit curtain rail in bay General Remove carpet / flooring Removal of all rubbish Quote should include labour and all materials (except flooring). Carpet / flooring (optional) Replace carpet / flooring in all rooms
  2. You need a phone that has HSDPA to get best speed. I've got a three USB dongle that does about 0.3 Mbps in Sheffield (they claim "upto 3.6meg" (Best was 1.4 Mbps, but that was in london) The latency is not great, so is slower than you may expect. Generally speaking I've found it to be flaky, but only use it when on the move. You can get some good deals these days. e.g. £80 for Three USB dongle + 1Gig a month for 12 months, just shop around. I'd suggest seeing if anybody you know has a phone / dongle you can try before buying. Cheers Nigel
  3. I've heard some of them will look to reduce the price significantly on the day you are due to complete / move. i.e. once you have committed to the expense of moving.
  4. 1) Go to at least one auction first, to see how the bidding process works 2) You need to ask yourself why it's being sold at auction: Repossesion Structural Issue Legal Issue Quick Sale Existing Tenant Unusual Property 3) Compare guide price to sale price on similiar properties 4) Make sure you have finance in place, if you can't complete on time you will loose the deposit (e.g. 10%). 5) Consider asking a builder for a quote on work required 6) I've seen repossesions sold at auction for more than you could of got them from an estate agent. 7) If all goes wrong, you can cut your losses and add back to the auction at a later date. Visit the property more than once Cheers Nigel
  5. Went in the other day, and was a nice / friendly place, with decent beers.
  6. I'm typing this on an 900. It's great for surfing / computing on the move. For a few quid more you can get a higher spec laptop, but I opted for the 900 due to its light weight / portability. I've also got three mobile broadband (bought modem off fleebay , £10 month for a 1 GIG on PAYG). Great for surfing on the move. I would recommend going for a Windows version, unless you are familiar with linux apt-get.
  7. Blundells wanted to charge me 199+vat to check a HIP provided by a solicitor. I changed estate agents instead.
  8. I'm about to start renovating a large 4/5 bed house in S3/Rutland road area as a hobby. Initially I'm looking for people to fit a heating system and to do a rewire, who are regisistered/can issues certificates and want to work at the weekend. I can supply most material if required, and prepared to do the prep work / labouring myself. (E.g. Taking up floor board, wall chasing, core drilling, box cutting etc, replaster etc). I won't do any of the "professional" work (e.g. pipe work / connecting cables). I've done several houses in Manchester previously, and looking for people in Sheffield. A full split of responsibilities/pricing will be define at the start of job. If you are interested then let me know either on the forum or can leave a message on my voip numbers (They get redirected to my moible/pc): 08704712736 Voice Number 08704712738 Fax Number Cheers Nigel PS: I can do work on the house any day over the next two weeks as on holiday from work.
  9. I recently acquired a 1966 morris minor traveller which requires some welding and work on the brakes for it's mot. Does anyone know of a person or garage which could do this work??? Preferably S6 / S3 area. Cheers Nigel
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