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  1. I heard it on the radio, telling me how jammed it was, just as I sailed right through with barely any traffic around. It just proves what nonsense radio traffic reports can be.
  2. What's Ecclesall got to do with anything? You're obsessed. Tarts will be tarts, that's my motto.
  3. While you're on, is there anything you can do about the lane markings on the roundabout at the bottom of Ecclesall Road, and the approach to this roundabout heading out of town? The lanes don't seem to clearly flow (e.g. when in the far right lane turning right on to St Mary's Gate, the lane markings seem to take you to heading back up Ecclesall Rd again). Also, the right hand lane gets very busy, so people belt down the middle lane and then barge into the right hand lane just when it splits into the 2 right turn lanes. Those who can't manage to barge their way in simply use the middle lane (which then becomes a straight on only lane) to turn right anyway, thus 3 right turn lanes converge into 2 lanes on St Mary's Gate. Is there any way of stopping this? Maybe some signs explaining the lanes on the approach to the roundabout, and some "Get In Lane" warnings.
  4. Yes, some at all. Flaunting it is what tarts do, by definition.
  5. It's part of the council's masterplan to make congestion worse and worse until it reaches the point where they can justify a congestion charge. They will then reap the benefits with a nice boost to their salaries and pension funds, all at the expense of the already taxed-to-death motorist.
  6. It's also blatant lying - I've never said Stannington was full of chavs, you just choose to act like an imbecile.
  7. No, I don't agree at all. I think the real middle class have sufficient wealth and income to not have to go into debt, with maybe the exception of mortgages. I was fortunate enough to have parents who had started saving for my university education as soon as I was born, so debt from being a student wasn't an issue for me. Conversely, getting into debt through store cards, credit cards, loans, etc, appears to be a very working class trait, particularly when you see the people who get into serious debt on the news. They're always working class.
  8. Really.... please post examples of anything "anti-student" or "anti-everybody who doesn't live in Ecclesall". If you can't (which you can't), please refrain from libel. Oh, and for the 1,000,000,000th time, please please please get over your worryingly persistent and unhealthy obsession with me.
  9. Yes - a progressively, increasingly civilised society in which animals aren't treated as play things for human beings.
  10. Your geographical knowledge of Sheffield is sadly lacking. The real Millhouses is indeed near Ecclesall. The Archer Road "Millhouses", which is actually Norton Woodseats, isn't that near at all. Check your map.
  11. Nothing is "wrong" with it, it's just not the most desirable area to have as a neighbour. I was just pointing out to jack244 about the real Millhouses Vs the estate agent's Millhouses.
  12. I think you're thinking of Millhouses around the leafy Millhouses Lane, Whirlowdale Road, etc, in between Dore, Ecclesall and Whirlow. The "Millhouses" (it's actually "Norton Woodseats" I believe) in this thread is slightly less exclusive and desirable (especially given its proximity to the old Fraser ex-council estate), but not too bad all the same - certainly convenient for Sainsburys.
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