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  1. Tim@ Spraytec Halfway Sprays cars very well He is allways busy so the cost must be right
  2. Hi we have today recieved a funny phone call Saying our computer will crash if we did not switch on the computer We asked for details and a name and contact number 02033188706 company name .support on line anyone any info please PS the computer is fine.
  3. Hi my wife and myself or ma femme would love to hack our poor french with anyone who will listen . we have done the french courses etc but find that we are better when we have total immersion with other french speakers keep me informed please
  4. Mick Darwent How the ???? are you Martyn Miller Just picked you out. I am sure there must be Albert Smith on here Solid drinker in the Bell due to his posts reply?
  5. SORRY re John Gillivers passing I was in the same year as you lot,my name Martyn Miller,also a couple more names to remember, John Dunn,the Adlingtons David Holliday Glyn Furness John Smith good luck with the next 40 years
  6. Underfloor plastic has far less joints,also it is much quieter as it has fewer expansion creaks ,noise,but never run it direct to the boiler, a lot of manufactures state that copper must be used for connection to the appliance. visually plastic when hot goes out of shape and looks like a d i y job You can tell the standard of the fix if pipes are not clipped correctly i use plastic underfloor ,not where you can see it
  7. Dan, one further thing that people fail to appreciate is that if you were to hire a full set of tools including performance testing equipment to set the appliance up correct it would shock you into next week. I fail to understand how a kitchen fitter charges 1500 a basic fix, recieve a cost labour wise for a system upgrade and we are accused of daylight robbery My point being it allways just a pipe from a to b but it needs a professional approach, as trust me its not always that simple
  8. Its allways nice to watch without commenting, you at compliheat know your trade switched on to the modern repair of boilers and for the record I have been a gasman for 40 years, and still batting with problems which come every day and you seem to have a good comprehension of the job I will put money on the boiler loosing pressure daily being the p vessel VAILLANT RULES OK
  9. I run 4 service engineers repairing gas combis in Sheffield I can tell you without any predudice that the vaillant range of boiler is streets in front of the rest
  10. Fit a vaillant ecotec 831 combi cost more than baxi you get german build quality PS which mag best boiler 2006
  11. You dont want to hear what I am saying GET IT FITTED BY A CORGI MAN It will cost you but you will be happy that you will see christmas from Nissan gasman of 40 years no I dont want to fix it!!!
  12. yes good point, however I prefer due to my own buisiness commitments it suits me to have a professional outfit to oversee reference , bonds etc I carry the cost of these services so I dont see the use of an agent any reason for people to be put off. Lets face it good property well maintained will rent by private or professional lettings
  13. it costs me to advertize the property it costs you to proove that you are credit worthy so I think that it is a good deterrant from the timewasters who want to move in and not pay a penny till you get a court order to kick them out.Good landlords will not look to make profit on credit checks or bonds the bad ones spoil it Lets face ita bad tennant can cause far more material damage than the cost of a reference -credit check.never again es a landlord will I let a property without belt and bracers guarantees
  14. If you want a clean well maintained property go on butlers estate agents website and check out the property in Mosborough on Cadman Street you can rent through them or direct with me . the amount per month is 495 pounds plus the usual. Rates etc. tel 01142489782 for any further info.no DSS
  15. Hi topdollar been out of touch with my cousin Roy Miller andwould appreciate any leads you can give me. See you are in Ireland now Love Ireland just waiting to win the lottery and i will join you Thanks Martyn Miller
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