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  1. I've used Stuart from Swan Plumbing and Heating services twice now, both times for small jobs (once a leak, another time fixing a bath overflow pipe). he is a really nice bloke, doesn't charge for a call out charge and so comes at a very reasonable price. He's come when he said he would and done a good job both times. Give him a ring on 07757028912.
  2. Hello, Sorry but the greenhouse has now gone. If anyone would like any plant pots or seed trays we have loads of old ones to get rid of. We're in s8. Thanks
  3. Hello, I have an old greenhouse in my garden that we don't need. It has a couple of glass panels missing but would be easy enough to repair. Free to a good home as long as you would be willing to come and take it down. I would much rather somebody uses it than have to throw it away. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I don't have measurements to hand but happy to provide on request. I would describe it as 'smallish' (big enough to store 3 bikes!). Thanks, Emma
  4. I'd like to also recommend Stuart Swan (07757028912). We called him on Tuesday to mend 2 broken pipes. He came the same day and fixed both leaks quickly. No call-out charge and very reasonable price. We will definitely use him again.
  5. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone can help me. At a couple of festivals around Sheffield I have come across someone selling panoramic photos of Stanage edge. These are big enough to be able to see most of the climbing routes. Try as I might I can't find anything on the internet and I'd love to buy one for my partner for his birthday. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Emma
  6. Sorry, I'm not taking on any new students now.
  7. This post used to be offering the details of private tuition, but again, is no longer applicable.
  8. This post used to say I am offering private tuition, but this is now out of date.
  9. We currently are renting in Meersbrook and love it. We are looking to buy a 3 bed house but there are limited numbers available in Meersbrook. It also looks like you get more house for your money in Norton... what's it like as a community? What are schools like? Any info gratefully received, Thanks.
  10. Thanks Deerobe, was nice to meet you too. I thought it was a fantastic event and great for our Karen friends to see the people of Sheffield supporting them. See you next week.
  11. DEMO UPDATE: Schedule of events 4.30-5.00 - Arrive outside town Hall: materials will be available to make banners, or please bring your own. 5.30 - Media are arriving 6.00 - Councillors are meeting with representatives from the Karen cummunity Weather forecast is good!!
  12. There is a lot of information about petitions etc on the Facebook group 'support the monks' protest in Burma'. Also have a look at the website for the Burma Campaign x
  13. Thanks Deerobe, please pass the info on to as many people as possible. It would be great to get a big turnout. I believe people from the council are going to be there at the beginning to talk with a representative from the Karen community.
  14. Dear Friends, I'm sure all of you will be aware of what's happening at the moment in Burma. You might also be aware that Sheffield has the most Karen (ethnic minority from Burma) refugees of any town in the UK. The Karen community have organised a solidarity demo this Monday 1st October, meeting at 4:30 outside the town Hall / Peace Gardens. These are incredibly exciting times, the closest the grassroots Burmese have come to overthrowing the military junta in 20 years. Every day they're risking their lives to challenge a brutal regime. It would be nice to let them know that people in other countries support what they're doing. If any of you can come, please do so. Hope to see you there, Hugh.
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