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  1. there was a piece about this in last weeks sheffield telegraph
  2. have you tried contacting the office at city road cemetery ?
  3. was in shiregreen cemetery recently some of the graves are huge lester divers grave being one of them
  4. was just getting into the charles bronson film and then tv went tits up
  5. are there no houses available for them on badger road ?
  6. i think the name of the shop on dixon lane is kings
  7. try the shop on dixon lane the name escapes me
  8. cheryl used to work in the bull&oak in the wicker some years ago
  9. where can i get a sign for the door saying no callers , just had two people knocking at mine this is getting a real pain in the arse
  10. what a disgrace to our past generations and i believe there are a lot of war heroes in wardsend including i think a number of vc holders
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