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  1. in reply to former e-mails which i have come across ,there is afew relating to the ellis family who lived at 133 windyhouse lane,i remember the day that harold came home from the far east, a sight that has stayed with me for all of my life . i am glad to hear that he had a long and happy life for if anone did harold have a daughter called i beleive pat?if so i was the one who helped pull her out of thewash-tub after she had fell in head firstalong with her grandmother who was baby-sitting at the time . i also remember edwin hobson who was killed outside standhouse school he was one of the gang that we played with. icannot recall a mavis living near the fish pond but i recallect a walter and pat o;brienliving across qeen mary rd facing.
  2. hi jenner, i atended cts in 46-49,the head at that time was Dr Thomas who left at the first six month"sterm and along came the lovable wadge(no furthercomment on that score),the pupils that i remember most were,JoeThomas,riley ,keith surgey,cliffe barnsley allan jones,kevin jones,howard winstone,i can"tanyone else,i can recall some of the teachers ,and that i was in bessemer house .i remember the trips to ringinglow playing fields and having the choice of getting a game of football or legging it round the countryside doing crosscountry,turning left at the round house or if you turnd right you ended up half way to castleton,unfortunatley i cannot recall your name sorry about that it may come back just give it time rayzor 1
  3. i was born on the manor in 1933at 137 windyhouse lane, i attended standhouse school which was at the bottom of the lane on queen mary road i had plenty of mates down there harry hewitt eric bickerstaffe walt reaney bryan star. iremeber going on to the manor feilds and warring with the wybournites,there were what appeared to be thousands of kids all going to kill one another but somehow it never quite worked out like that,all we got were cut and buises and a good hiding for being late in. does anyone recall the fishing pond on queenmary road at the bottom of cullabine road i caught my first fish there it must have weighed all of half an ounce but it won the match that day.i rember the allotments also most of them empty when all the owners had gone off to fight in the real war,i often wonder how many returned.
  4. re; albert t smith,is it true that ibought a pound off you for a half -crown, and what happened to the hare that you kept in the kitchen cupboard, rayzor1.
  5. is that albert smith who lived on holgate crescent? do you remember al jolson from the manor?
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