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  1. there is, its more of a 9 hole pitch and putt though, take some scissors with you, the holes usually need trimming if you actually want to do the putt bit
  2. if you hear of anyone trying to sell on a litespeed niota in black, please get in touch, one was nicked in hunters bar area last thurs eve 1st feb, ta
  3. me and a few other fairly experienced mtn bikers get out most wkds in the peaks, usually start at hope and ride various routes from there, pm me if you fancy it, we usually go out for 3/4 hours and do about 2/3k feet of climbing. If anyone has a few hours to spare on the 28th Jan, we are having a dig day to continue building the new xc trail at Wharncliffe, 10am top car park, bring a spade
  4. Can anyone help me with a bit of research? I want to know the names of council owned recreation grounds in Sheffield and surrounding areas that have loads of grass football pitches on them for Sat/Sun league clubs, the more pitches on them the better! thanks in advance
  5. Just getting off your arse and offering me a cup of tea next time i'm round would be more challenging oldgreen
  6. sorry peeps..........it was just me coming home from work, thats all.................just couldnt find anywhere to park up...........sorry about the noise
  7. umm.....I was being pedantic like you Obviously, the same thing in your mind but not synonymous in reality. ............and him beating me...........well nobody told me it was a contest!? Did you watch it or were you too busy combing "posts" or should that be "mentions" for repetative content?
  8. think you'll find he actually posted it, not mentioned it
  9. this may be interesting to watch tonight http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/listings/programme.shtml?filename=20060402/20060402_2325_4544_49702_45
  10. I'm quite happy to sit in a small queue of traffic on my bike but being able to filter on a bike is so much better, I agree bikers have more awareness of other road users and riding bikes has improved my driving too, I'm forever checking over my shoulders these days, even at the the supermarket when I'm overtaking another trolly! I can understand the occasional frustratation though, some bikers have appalling riding skills that deserve the stick they get but in general bikers are very aware of spaces and gaps in traffic and filter knowing the risks. I dont think the first poster has much insight into what risks bikers come across each day, I use to commute 100miles per day through london and if I had less than 5 cars pull out on me each day then I considered it a good day. My advice to feelinolder is to check your mirrors more often and learn how to share the road.
  11. riding a CBR600rr04 in red (fastest colour), been living in London for two years but moving back to Sheffield in a month or so, yipee!! Well up for a ride out or two when the weather improves if anyone else is?
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