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  1. thanks for that.. i'm still interested to know if anyone has a child with an eating disorder??
  2. does anyone have a child with an eating disorder? how do you tell if your kids got an eating disorder?
  3. i am a bit overweight, and i try to Love my body, like most of you guys on here... but sometimes it's difficult. Especially in the bedroom, if you know what i mean. As soon as it gets to point to take my clothes off infront of my man, i reach for the light switch... he says i shouldn't. What do you guys think??
  4. Hi there, i'm new to the forum... not really sure how to do this, but here goes! i was reading this article about over weight people being refused medical treatment on the bbc website, i was just wondering what people thought of it? i must say i'm a little bit overweight myself, and i don't suffer with health problems really... does anyone else suffer? anyway just wondering what you guys thought? i'm at work and a bit bored! Gem xxxxx
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