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  1. We are looking to hire a man/woman with a large van/tipper to take away some rubble and garden waste for us today, preferably late afternoon or early evening. The waste is primarily greenery, smashed up concrete, bricks and general garden waste. Mostly the waste will be bagged up apart from large manageable pieces of concrete. There will be 3 willing helpers to load the vehicle. We are desperate to get rid of it today, poor planing on our part, we should have got a skip. Happy to hear from anyone who could help, we can provide a picture of the waste if required. Thanks.
  2. They aren't a charity they're a cult! Charlie Brooker puts it better than anyone I have seen talk about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpuB11d0Gog Running camps and recruiting kids... sounds very dodgy indeed.
  3. I hope the power holds out until my stew has finished cooking!
  4. Is anyone else experiencing little power outages in S6? We're on Wadsley Lane and our lights keep going on and off.
  5. Could you please let me know the name of the company on Ebay that you used. I need mine fixing sharpish! Thanks.
  6. I recently left a hard rock band as due to my ailing years (I'm 31 ) I decided it wasn't for me anymore. I would love to get back to singing Bluesy Jazz and I also really love the whole rockabilly thing - I'm just bored of singing rock tunes! Are there any musicians out there that would like to do something along these lines? I think Piano is essential but other than that I am open to any instruments! I think a duo could work as well as a full band, like I say open to suggestions! My goal would be to get to the point where a little money could be made, whether it be the blues/jazz route and targeting posh places and restaurants, or maybe something nice like old rock n' roll songs which I also think could be in demand at certain pubs and clubs (I believe its pretty hip with the kids at the moment). Anyway, long and short of it is that I would love to do something to showcase my voice a little more where I'm not screeching to out-do drums and heavy guitars! If anyone out there is interested in doing something a little different it would be great hear from you...
  7. Hey Thou Art, nice to see you on the Forum. The quality coming out of your studio looks fantastic! I have a little bug bear to mention though. Both myself and a very good friend of mine have been into the shop to enquire about getting some work done and on both occasions the level of customer service has been poor. I used to run a surf shop so I am more than familiar with the whole "to cool to serve you" attitude however I do think its possible for even the coolest of the cool to be friendly! I am currently having a piece done by Leah Moule at Spear Studio in Birmingham. As far as I can tell she is one of the best in the country however her studio is friendly and inviting and her front of house staff take the time to speak to you like they are interested whereas at Thou Art we felt that they wanted us out the door and couldn't be bothered. All of us that work in service based industries have to put up with never ending amounts of stupid questions from clients, you just have to deal with it rather than being vague and disinterested (I don't think my enquiry was stupid though ) I will definitely be in again to talk about what I want doing, would be nice to be met with a bit more positivity next time. As I say though, as far as the work I have seen from all the artists at your place it looks top notch!
  8. Another question... If you were a seller hoping to do one last CB this year would you choose the car boot at Carfield Primary School or the Tesco Infirmary Road one (both 18th Oct). Obviously I would rather give the fee to a school than a huge corporation but unfortunately I really want to sell my stuff so my morals have gone out the window! Any advice would be much appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the post, looking to do one that weekend. Do you or does anyone else know how much it is for a seller (car)? Also is it 9am for sellers or for buyers (or both!).
  10. Like I said I think Fiona Long is fantastic and I am well aware of all her awards, have seen all of her portfolio actually - my other half had a great piece done by her. But at the end of the day all tattoo artists have their own style, and no matter how good they are if its not the style you want there is no point going to them. Believe me I have researched all the best Sheffield artists long and hard, spent months looking at portfolios before I settled on Leah Moule. Fiona is certainly one of the best in the country, all I am saying is that Alice in Wonderland isn't an area I see falling into her style - thats all. However that does depend on how the person who is having the tattoo done wants it to be treated of course!
  11. No probs... Bez is very in demand but from what I understand a thoroughly nice chap, a friend of a friend goes to him regularly. Book asap!
  12. Yeah it's worth making the trip for something that important. The only other people I can think of that might be good for you is Fil at Ultimate Skin in Leeds: http://ultimateskintattoo.com/main.htm Its a flash site so can't send you exact URL, you'll find him in the menu though. I saw him doing some illustrative style stuff at a tattoo convention recently and he is absolutely brilliant, great with colour - nearer than Birmingham too! He has a big waiting list but definitely worth it I think, will have waited 4 months for mine! Or Bez in Sunderland, who I hope to go to one day, absolutely amazing, one of the best in the country in my opinion: http://www.myspace.com/triplesixstudios Good luck!
  13. I know it isn't in Sheffield but for something like this you have to get exactly the right artist and in my opinion there is noone in Sheffield that could get this right for you. I would highly recommend Leah Moule who has a studio in Birmingham. I am having a sleeve done with her, she is absolutely amazing and would be perfect for an Alice in Wonderland piece. She is well worth the price of petrol to get down there - here is some of her stuff: http://www.spearstudio.co.uk/leah.html Must say though, Thou Art and Feline are certainly the best in Sheffield, Fiona Long did a great job of my boyfriend's tattoo, just not the right style for Alice in Wonderland IMHO.
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