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  1. Oh well...i guess you would know better... so u from sheffield lau gar...is dat grahams club... 1 of my mates got a cuzin hu teaches n trains wiv lau gar... U ad a show in march i was der it was brilliant...Good performances...
  2. That is strange jediwarrior... i av erd e has a heart of a lion...e fought in world turnaments wen his toe came off inda fight...? iv also erd e trains hardcore...n e does some crazy things...that are unbelievable...i dnt knw him personally but i knw ppl hu knw him n der say e is da soldierr of firvale lol
  3. Thanks 2 evrything chefkika...i myt come dwn on a monday or friday... Is ur name farhad ali?? ive erd bwt u by a kikboxer calld waheed? dyu knw him? es short build?
  4. Thanks 4 all of dat... so wat dyu do? is it semi contact or full contact...? kickboxing?? Av u won any major tournaments or anything ur sound quite experianced n skilld...
  5. Hey Chefkicka...Im new in this forum...i would like 2 join sum kikckboxing club...Ive erd Someone calld lethal latif is very talented and succesful...Dyu Knw nefing bwt him?? have you ever trained with him? Wat would you reccomend? thanks mate cheers...
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