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  1. Went to York Racecourse car boot and thought it was mainly dealers and prices were high in comparison to other car boots such as twin oaks and Tesco (both infirmary Road and Spital Hill). I bought one plate and some cutlery from two of the proper car booters. If you want antiques and vintage items then this is probably a very good car boot.
  2. Does anyone know if Twin Oaks is running today?
  3. As well as paying attention on the road I would appreciate it if students did not block the entrances/exits to shops whilst deciding whether to go in or excitedly examining what they have just bought. I only have a short time for lunch so would appreciate being able to get in and out of the shops with ease.
  4. No they don't. In Birmingham you put your fare in a box and it prints your ticket. If your fare is £1.90 and you put £2.00 in the box you do not get any change.
  5. If you look around the ring road there are plenty of parking spaces priced at £3.50 for the Day. Victoria Keys is £3.00 for a day. I park in one of these and walk into the city centre. Then I don't have to worry about parking tickets running out of time etc. During the summer we have been stopping at the cafes in Victoria Quays and having coffee. Really nice and peaceful.
  6. No. It was 40 about two weeks ago when I last passed that way.
  7. Don't bother. I made a complaint about the behaviour of a member of staff who was ostracising me for getting a job and daring to ask for help with the first months travelling expenses and got absolutely no response. I made the mistake of asking what was the point of them offering help and then saying you can't have it.
  8. I think it went to West Yorkshire. I find it amusing that after living in Sheffield for over seven years and having moaned at SYPTE about the lack of smart ticketing in South Yorkshire we seem no further down the road. I was assured they were looking at it. Well I think the paint has dried, don't you? ---------- Post added 30-06-2014 at 17:43 ---------- Buses in London are not all run by the same company. There are first, Stagecoach, Arriva etc. However, they all have to have the London Livery and they are not allowed to have their own ticketing system. Outside London they have more freedom. ---------- Post added 30-06-2014 at 17:52 ---------- Sadly cash handling is very expensive for banks and they pass those costs on to business through bank charges. These charges will be increased progressively by banks to discourage the use of cash. The knock on effect is that it will push up the cost of buying tickets with cash. Whether you like it or not we are headed in this direction. It is no longer a case of if it happens but when it happens.
  9. http://www.eventindustrynews.co.uk/2014/04/07/sheffield-half-marathon-statement-water-direct/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+event-industry-news+%28Event+Industry+News+-+An+online+magazine+and+news+blog+for+people+within+the+events+industry%29&utm_content=Event+Indusrty+News&utm_term=Event statement from water company.
  10. If this goes on much longer I will be too old to go shopping in IKEA or anywhere else for that matter!
  11. I don't know when you visited Page Hall so cannot comment on your findings. I live close to Page Hall on Firth Park Road and have not been to the local shops for many months because of the gangs hanging around down there. I find their behaviour totally intimidating. I feel sorry for the shop keepers who must have lost trade as a result as I am sure I am not alone in going elsewhere. Every so often the police appear and clear streets and it is fine for a few days. I used to like living in the area, people were considerate and it was quiet in the evenings. This has all changed now. To shop, I get in my car and go where I feel safe. ---------- Post added 12-11-2013 at 16:07 ---------- Yes. I think he has done more damage than good by stoking the fire in this way.
  12. I got to Castleford ok this morning. Took longer than usual but I made it. Just Worrying about how to get home now.
  13. I have been with Three since they started in the UK and am very pleased with the price and the service. Agreed the call centre is a bit annoying but since I hardly ever have to call them it is not a problem. If anything they try too hard to help you which cannot be a bad thing in my honest opinion. When you have been with them a long time you get even better deals. For example I took a contract that had no three to three minutes and commented that my son had a three phone. They immediately offered me 2000 three to three minutes at no extra cost. I am delighted. I have a Windows Smartphone and a laptop with broadband dongle and get good reception in most of the places I go to. Indeed one evening when the local internet was running slow I was getting faster response on my dongle than over my telephone line.
  14. Oh dear sorry to hear there was a accident. I hope everyone was OK.
  15. Coming home this evening the traffic along Owler lane was crawling. then I noticed a 76 bus off its regular route navigating the roundabout by Fir Vale School. What on earth is going on?
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