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  1. Could Rocky1 help me with this leakage problem? Perhaps PM me, thanks
  2. Yes it's a private drain (4-5inch pipe) serving just my house
  3. I have an outdoor drain/ sewer pipe that appears to be leaking from a flange joint, it's probably cracked. The problem is it's under a block paved drive, it's accessible via a manhole cover with the right equipment, relining might be the solution. Does anyone know a specialist that can do this at a reasonable cost, as it might not be covered by insurance.
  4. Do you miss playing a good game of badminton? The Westside Badminton club plays at Tapton School sports hall on Thursdays between 7:45-10pm. Please come and join us for a first free session (or contact Rob t. 2551185 )
  5. I attended a community meeting, it's now a serious proposition, everybody's support and enthusiasm to make it work is very welcome. Here's some info: THE PLOUGH COMMUNITY BENEFIT SOCIETY LTD LATEST NEWS 1. Public Meeting – we had a really successful public meeting on June 15th attended by over 70 local people. We presented information on the business plan, on what community activities we’d like to see as part of how the Plough develops and how we will showcase the sporting history of the area. People asked a lot of informed questions and there was a lively discussion of some issues but overwhelming support for the idea of reopening the Plough as community pub. 2. Volunteer Support – at the public meeting we received many offers of help from people with specialist skills and experience or from people who just want to help at a practical level. If you would like to actively contribute to the development of the project, please contact us. 3. Investing in your local pub – if you choose to make an investment, you will become a member of the Plough Community Benefit Society, you will have a vote on how the Society operates and its decision-making. All members have one vote, irrespective of the value of their shareholding. A modest dividend will be payable on all shares, depending on the performance of the business. 3. Pledges – we have distributed Pledge Letters throughout the area and some people have already returned these. In just the second week of our appeal, we have received pledges to the value of £30,000. If you have received a Pledge Letter, we would encourage you to return them as soon as you can. If you have not received one, please contact us. 4. Corporate Members – if you are a local business, you can invest as a business and appoint a named representative as a Member. If you are a local community group or sports club, you can join as a group or club and appoint a representative as a Member. 5. Crosspool Street Market – the annual Crosspool Street Market takes place on Sunday, June 25th and we will have a stall there. The market opens at 1 p.m. and runs throughout the afternoon. 6. Marketing – we are actively promoting our project through social media but we have also been out and about in Crosspool talking to people face to face. The next step is to widen our appeal through a crowd funding platform and to target potential corporate investors. We are also asking all of you to market the project, please pass on information to family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Again, if anyone has skills in social media or marketing, we’d love to hear from you. Contact: ploughsandygate@gmail.com Facebook: Save the Plough and the Sporting Heritage of Sandygate Twitter: @PloughSandygate
  6. I need an upright piano to be moved from a ground floor flat to a house (ground floor dining room), both in S10 area, within the next couple of days if possible. Can anyone recommend someone who can do this, at a reasonable cost?
  7. There is a rumour I've heard that the owners of the York in Broomhill might be taking over. Let's hope it's going to be the Crosspool equivalent of the Rising Sun in Fulwood, great beer at a cheap price, good food, good variety of entertainment ... it's a lovely pub in a lovely area with lovely people ...... why couldn't it be !
  8. I think the 'river' you mean is known as Holmes Tail Goit, which ran from Jordan's Weir to Don Street. it fed much of the industrial premises in Masborough and New York. It has been cut off from Jordan's weir and now serves as a drain to the River Don, some large sections that exist are testament to it's former size and the amount of water it carried for all the industrial works. I'm not to sure about the River Mas though, but I could guess this was probably re-routed for navigation in the 1800's, when Holmes Tail Goit was created.
  9. Seems like it's open again with new management. Drinks are a bit pricey though I've heard, especially draft soft drinks if you want them. This pub could be a little goldmine where it is, they should follow the example of Rising Sun in Fulwood which is very popular pub, why? , fantastic beer, good food, regular variety entertainment and reasonable prices!........I'd love to have a local pub like that! ... if the new management don't get a grip it will no doubt end up as a supermarket, which is a pity.
  10. Just drove through there minutes ago, traffic is tailing all the way back to Halifax Road ..... Nightmare !!! Hope this isn't going to be the norm now they've got rid of the roundabout, if it is, I for one won't be shopping there till it's sorted !
  11. OMG ! I've just seen a note on a grit bin that said the council plan to stop winter gritting on Hagg Hill, Stephen Hill and Coldwell Lane, are they mad !!! Unaware Drivers could get killed! These roads are popular routes for commuters. I've had some nasty scares with black ice on these roads early in the morning, the roads are so steep.
  12. There is a large tyre recycling plant in Attercliffe which I often ride past called Credential Tyre Recycling - 'We love tyres' they say, they might even collect. Their Tel no is 0114 262 6580
  13. We had an antique clock repaired at the Ridgeway Craft Centre - there is a clock repairer there who seems to really know his stuff. He diagnosed all the problems, ended up replacing several worn bearings - just like new now, and a perfect time keeper! Ps. I would avoid using wd40, it might help initially but it does accumulate dust and can increase wear eventually. If you wish to clean the clock workings I suggest meths is best.
  14. Well I can't afford a 4 wheel drive, so I bought some snow chains for this year !!
  15. http://www.robinhoodloxley.net/mycustompage0007.htm Just came across this link. Is it credible ?
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