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  1. The limit shut on 19 january 1991,I didn't go on the last night(sat)but went in on the night before. Woke up hungover the next day and missed the coach to Man City(Utd were playing there) The poster who said the last night was filmed is correct,an old girlfiend of mine bought it coz she was in it! Also all the barrels where emptyed on the last night!! Whoever said there was no trouble in the limit ,can't have gone there that often,when some leeds fans payed a visit in June 83,there was pandamoniam,this was the only time the Limit got closed down,in the mid to late 80's Blades and Owls fans used to fight in there all the time. Remember javis cocker and the drummer out off pulp getting abused by the casuals who used to stand in the corner(near the toilets)I seem to remember them picking on Goths as well.
  2. I think "rise"started in 94 around the same time as "love to be" at the music factory,had some good nights in rise,but perfered the M.F. as had better DJs and a more clued up and friendly crowd. Must be up there for the most glamourous club in Sheffield:thumbsup:
  3. The Jam factory was very good,but the best Sheffield club ever I think not!! In my opinion occasions(88-94) would take some beating,i've a few live tapes from it,but I would also be intested in the jam factory tapes as i was a reguler there too!!
  4. Redgates shut in 1988,due to competition from toys r us ete>
  5. All the skins used to hang about on the balcony on flat street,and were known as the "showboat skins". Anyone remember when a load of "casuals" came in the wop(82 I think) no one had come across this fashion before,but they caused mayhem,with the fighting spilling out of the club and on to wellington st,they gave as good as they got and things ended up about even.
  6. I heard the canary was there in the mid to late sixties.this was off a work mate,as I was only I child then,so I have no memory of it.
  7. You mean the indus I remember once(in the late seventies)on entering this establishment I was nearly knocked over by a group of men "doing a runner"not far behind them was a rather irate indian chap bransishing a meat cleaver!!
  8. Does anyone remember one of the first indian restaurants to open in sheffield? It was called "the canary" I believe it was at the bottom of cambridge st(just past cole brothers) I can't think of an indian restaurant in the city centre that was open before this one.
  9. Guest the museum pub wasn't pulled down,its now in orchard square and called the Hogshead,the three tuns,(opposite the pig and whistle,was demolished to make way for orchard square
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