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  1. id like to make you feel better and say that you have loads of mates but sorr i just cant tell a lie
  2. turn your webcam on and i bet thay all pop up (bum bum)
  3. msn is the devils spawn i keep getting stalked when ever i turn it on. god i hope the wife dosnt mind me calling her a stalker whats worse is when shes upstairs and sends m a message asking for a cup of tea who said the art of conversation is dead lol jabber just invite your american to join the wocky cult you will either get cash donations or blocked so its win win
  4. yes and then they 3/4 fill the glass with ice so then what you get when you drink it is even more watered down cheap nasty crap
  5. and the other thing is when he asks girls if they want to go to his bedroom and see his snake he will have a legitamate question
  6. o god why not you seem to have done your homework on them allready and know what is needed and i bet you will come to love the little critter but if one of the cats goes missing just check to see if the snake has a cat shaped lump moving under the skin
  7. yes but we had to walk into you while you had your chainsaw on for you to kill us
  8. i will remeber that next time i just want to say f***
  9. a good waxing wil take care of the spiders legs problem
  10. hes on the box at the moment and by that i mean xbox
  11. you may be good at lowering the tone but how is it that chele knows so much about porno????
  12. its ok i have a spare bugger she now knows
  13. thats it shes taken the controler away
  14. hay im not involved please tell the wife im not involved or she will beat me im such a bi**h whiped husband
  15. yep clutch it is its possble that it will just keep going but it could just decide go on you
  16. as the others have said probibly the clutch bearing or presure plate if it is have a full clutch fitted for the time being just use it as little as possible
  17. o my god imagin joining a game with some bairy hollocks and baggyflapps !!! well it woud keep the americans away a least lyndix keep the shooting to the profetionals
  18. pepsi max for me every time even though i have to get rid of some of the fizz why is it diet coke or pepsi has more fizz then non diet??????
  19. stuchk is taking the p*ss out of me saying that my gamer tag as crap and everyone elses is so much better
  20. i work with the wife i do the cookin and washing she doesthe cleaning and the ironing and we take turns changing dirty nappies
  21. dont think stuchyk would like the idea of me beeing blown by some baggyflaps
  22. yesbut i bet your other half wouldhave a problem with mr baggy flaps
  23. i got stuchyk to have a go once i think she managed to run in a line a few times befoe getting shot having a gamer tag baggyflapps is just asking for trouble lol everyone will be saying they have baggy flaps on ther box and that all wrong luckly now i have got a nice group of frinds on xbox live so normaly we all join a game and then when you get the annoying buggers from overseas we just destroy them one quote that put us in histerics the ther night was "ok yuo annoying american git why dont i tell you what to do why dont you go up stairs and **** your mom and i bet she wont moan as much as you do" even the ladys where pissng them selfs with that one
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