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  1. im back i have been vindicated im not one person pretending to be two got the message about the box lindix and all i can say is bloody microsoft
  2. thats my girl dont pussy foot about lol
  3. well if the worst comes to the worst you could allways get your baggyflapps out and hit hem with them
  4. ooo look microsoft have brougt out a new OS its called windows vista. sorry for the sarcasam but everybody forgets the problems that pop up when microsoft do this i meen does anybody remember ME everyone onlinewas telling em how bloody wonderful i was luckly im not stupid and im not a sheep and i just kept 2000 going real time advice is dont go for vista untill after service pack one is relesed and if you do dont put it on any laptop or pc that is 12 months older a geeky friend did a bench test between xp and vista and it took vista an extar 3 mins to bootup and be ready MICROSOFT WE LOVE YOU
  5. yes but the smaller mp3 players onlyhave small screens but its better then the ipod shuffles and such like that dont have any screens big screen means big mp3 player and you can get mall ones with screens that are just a bit bigger then an aa battery
  6. ok dont know if you have done anything about this yet but i buy quite a few laptops and after a bitter experience with Hp i now steer well way from them if anything goes wrong i have found HP to be very very disapointing with support there is a local laptop stockest called CBC that are mainly a tosh stockist but do have other makes as well give them a ring and ask for christine 08452305066 they sometimes even have ex demos in regards to laptops you want dual core and 1Gb of ram but it always comes down to price i have just got a toshiba u200 which is a good bit of kit but does come in at over £700 i will shut up now stuchyg
  7. the main thing is how many songs do you want on your mp3 player if you only ever have a few albums on ther just go for one of the cheeper ones that are 512 or 1gb but i would say to go for one with a small screen so you can see what you can listen to check out http://www.ebuyer.com they have loads stuchyg
  8. tell you what i will call my good friend Bill and tell him to get it sorted
  9. well other then the portable being a 32 inch the other reason is i woul dhave to take the xbox out of the understair storage pull all the wires through a wall and then set it up upstairs and then she would want to go to bed
  10. well tonight its COD3 online with a few mates stuchyk is allredy half way down a bottle of very good wine so she can get pushed onto the portable
  11. thank god to sony and nintendo with the ps3 and the wii xbox prices are commign down unfortunatly that means more annoying people on xbox live
  12. depends there are sevral diffrent flashing light codes ive had the 3 red lights of death which is supposed to be your xbox is buggered go buy a new one but it was just a faulty intercooler
  13. o my god its the end of the world as we know it lindix you willl be so sorry without the xbox the only other thing is the internet so that means your not going to get on as much. and it also means that you will have to talk to hubby and there may even be fights over the tv remote its going to be 2 weeks of hell for you to stuchyg (smug git with working xbox 360)
  14. see i cant be that bad i help off on the toad in the hole comment
  15. not there yet got a few more levels to go before we hit the gutter and you asked
  16. anything i say to the size off thepuddings needed to coverup parts of your body lindix would just be wrong but knowing what your gamertag was you may need a few extra down there
  17. mind you if mo is wearing the pudding bikini the boyfriend could be said to be supplying the meat and 2 veg
  18. you could make him wear a donut then you would have somthing to nibble on to
  19. as a man if the question is What's the best response to give your boyfriend? it has to be yes i do and i love it and you know what i meen
  20. with some fafver beans and a nice bottle of cianti???
  21. well i guess itsone way to get him to eat you but i hope he dosntplay with his food mind you you may want him to
  22. i thought it was more of a play on words than a joke now if you want a joke a man walks into a bar the silly git
  23. well there will be plenty of them this year what with the mild weather o wait there ladybirds
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