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  1. because its not politicly correct and lets face it most of them look like they bad for the other team just look at andrew
  2. well we will need someone to scare the kids so that they stay away from anything dangerous
  3. i know why i have a video phone and everyone wants to see me in the bubbles
  4. what a guy dave my daughter was born nov 23rd 2005 i managerd to get the nurses stuffed with muffins and fresh cream buns they do a wonderful job
  5. would be more intresting if he had been found in a knocking shop
  6. its always the way and its not just kiddies partys that it happens to just think back to the last time you tryed to arrange a night out or a meal you get 20 people saying yes then 5 turn up with the kiddies i always only invite very close friends the ones you know you can depend on and trust so lindix how you fixed for november
  7. why not just come out and say that you think your beeing cheated on and you want to find out if you are or not
  8. yes close friends knew that the cushion was really to protect there family jewels from you punch was just the excuse mind you does remind me of the time when i was a boy aged about 4 my dad had just come back from the hospital after having that little op to avoid having any more of me and i was so happy to see him i ran up to him as he sat down on the settee and just as i was in striking distance i tripped, and as a grow man typing this i can fee my dads pain. my mom (there no longer married) takes great delight when this story gets mentioned as apparently the welling was quite substantial sorry dad and sorry for going off topic but i just thought the ladys would get a smile from that one
  9. yes not nearly as much as wen you sit on someone elses
  10. has anyone mentioned yet the fact that there is one way that a womans IQ can allways be higher then the mans its easy ladys just give him an erection his IQ will automaticly drop by at least 100
  11. well we man have good bladder control so we tend to hold it till the next pub
  12. at the end of the day my wife is so much more inteligent then i am i face the facts every day i meen she gets me to cook the tea wash the clothes and still demands sex from me, you have to be intieligent got teach a man how to use a washing machine lol
  13. sorry to rub it in but i dont drink so i never have the dreaded morning after to be this good you have to be so very very bad in other ways
  14. want to come and see my puppy or can i look at yours
  15. well yes i am but i dont like to brag do i lindix
  16. only at weekends hun only at weekends and no you cant have your dress back xxx
  17. ow such a sweet puppy thank god he dosnt have to live with you lol
  18. can i just state that i love you all how off thred is that????
  19. time TIME i would have got hundreds of pics by now come on baggy get your arse into gear
  20. stay on here a few weeks and you will be beating them off with a very big stick
  21. wouldnt it be down to the person who started the thred to report this if they where so inclined. i aggree that it can be annoying but somtimes its nice to see a thred take on a life of its own and develope in such a way as to open up other related or unrelated issues.
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