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  1. o dear stud ruby will open a can of whupass on you now nice knowing you for 30 seconds at least
  2. try here http://www.serenity4u.co.uk/
  3. bbw is realy a lable a lady puts upon herself its her way of saying im big and im not ashamed of my size weight and i realy dont give a damm what you think about me so to all ladys out there how find themselvs saying im a BBW well done
  4. no i normaly have a gay mate with me lol big small fat thin black white or purple with red spots and 3 heads if it floats your boat your sailing
  5. my loving wife bought me a massage at virgin active it was a full body massage lasting about an hour and cost £35
  6. i have 3 good friends who are real friends there the ones who have been with me through thick and thin and never say i told you so. the rest are just friends that i would never expect to go that extra mile for me and like everyone ive had those friends that are there just to get what they can out of you
  7. thats what i dont like about some ofthese places they work under the asumption hat the perents are going to be there all the time but there are so many twists and turnd its very easy to lose your child and then there are the other perents who just sit down and have a coffee moring while there child runs riot and pins some little boy/girl to the wall tops is a great place but to many big kids running about and barging through when the smaller kids are just to slow
  8. depends if im inviting your lot round lol then i will justtake out a second morgage lol
  9. we go to big tops quite bit the only problems are its expencive and the only time you can book the whole place is betewwn 7-9 in the evenings which is a bit late
  10. so far Camelot is looking good due to the fact you can book the full place and its in a good central location but keep them comming
  11. Hi everyone im looking for a good party venue for my daughters 2nd birthday,somthing that has that something a little bit more then just the normal softplay with a hundred other kids running about spoiling the magical moments. so does anyone know of anywhere or have any recommendations?? stuchyg
  12. thursday night in sheffield town center try the bedroom on west st if nothing else its cheap beer and a good laugh and yes ladys if your very very lucky i may be there to sweep you off your feet and if your very very very lucky stuckyk will be there to save you lol
  13. i know but please try to keep on topic
  14. hes so cute i think someone has freeky feet though xxxxx
  15. thats the only time you will see lyndix use the word virgin it happened to me when i pluged a faulty intercooler in i nearly paped my pants had to leave it unplugged for 30 mins and then tryed again and it poped on bill if your reading get your finger out will you
  16. i think there taking the P***
  17. why not buy the full office 2007 and then put it through the tax man???
  18. i hope thats a typo and you really want a kangoo
  19. sorry for some reason shaven haven poped into my head when you said fuzzy feelings
  20. i know cant wait im sure it will be well though out and very very classy unless shes had a glass of wine and then its gutter time
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