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  1. ebay ebay ebay damm needing 10 characters
  2. damm when i played with you my torpedo only caused a minor leek (just adding this in an edit lyndix just dont say a bloody word)
  3. AO come on you used the word sense and woman in the same sentance are you mad and im proude of the whitewitch a noram woman would have told some men thet they where going to sand the fireplace down untill the said man got fed up of hearing it and did it himself (probibly while she was using her own toys)
  4. o my god knowing you i the images that fly through my mind are undiscribable lol
  5. your right and she has great t.... erm never mind lol
  6. nope i cant resist i meen lets face it your ass is so big it has its own gravity and draws us poor men in
  7. can i just state that the pic is a fake i know lindix and her ass is way bigger then that in fact in a recent poll 9 out of ten people who lindix had walked past said "burr ikbnewd eihef inirn kwdib" and after she had lifted her big fat ass of them it was found out to mean "help im being suffocated by this big smelly ass and i think i swollowed a pube" also 8 out of 10 never survived
  8. keep what you have its nice and at least you can tell what it is lol
  9. i dont meen to be rude but what is it?
  10. hay man this is getting heavy lets all just love each other man
  11. sorry to tell you this ash but its positive
  12. if everybody was the same then communism would work very well but lets face it there will always be people who want or think they deserve more and thats where it all falls down.
  13. well when you make your mind up you can thank me or ban me lol bye all lol
  14. less about my wife and more about the AV's lol
  15. o god no lyndix is here now im doomed yes lyn yours is cute amber is cute cute cute
  16. me i never said anyhing but you do like em big lol and stuchyk beats me no matter what i do but i like it as you well know
  17. well i will just read what it says on the side of the bottle and now will run and hide behind the sofa
  18. ok missing the point now its all about blowing someone elses trumpet not your own
  19. lol hope your not as ginger lol
  20. yes in an end of the world we are all going to die kind of way
  21. im bored and cant think of anything better but ive just read about the new mods and i really think joeP has the cutest AV its so blue and cute (just like its owner) so come on nominate someone who has put some thought into there appearance (yes i know mine is crap but it made sence when i put it there) ps im not creeping or sucking up to joeP i meen hes probibly the uglest man alive (after me) but his av is cute stuchyg
  22. thats not true we use msn for thak kind of thing. and have you seen the size of her OH bloody hell hes huge i feel like a dwarf next to him and thast would make her a super dwarf the short arsed bleeder lol
  23. im sorry but even the crap you get with your big mac tastes good when im licking it off the naked body of my wife
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