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  1. see shes so thick she makes school custard look bright
  2. yep she once told me that she though Pink Floyd was a man
  3. owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww but next time femember the feet
  4. you cant say things like that im about and i twist things like i just have
  5. hay dont forget that 42 inch tv he got you so that he and the kids could play on the xbox
  6. you should see her when she gets the princess leia outfit on now thats hot hot hot
  7. lets not get onto feet shall we but if we are how are your moms feet lyndix and that cute friend of hers
  8. well this is totaly unfair of you lyndix i mean nobody complains about your hairy pits or your beard
  9. 1 dont think you will find mr right online 99 out of 100 will be mr right now lol 2 go out have a laugh with friends and see what happens 3 have fun do what you want and who you want its 2007 if you cant ahve a bit of fun whats the point o and never ever trust a man Graham
  10. ow how sweet its just so touching.
  11. he probobly would have if you didnt look such a mess it probibly was a bit of a turn off lol
  12. i know i shouldnt but i have to of your husbands lol
  13. o yes and stuff that crap about having to crush or have liquid medication i just pop the pills the taste otherwise makes you want to hurl
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