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  1. Me and my mate recently went to bargain buys as it was shutting down we stood in ques for 3 hours any way long story short we both have now got a fine from this company �� G24 ltd anyone else had one do we just ignore these are will they take it further etc thanks
  2. Found 2 Jill ferret in s5 area taken to vets but not chipped Is anyone missing these 2 girls ?
  3. Dogue de Bordeaux ? He's still a pup but he needs something stronger he's like a baby elephant now lol
  4. I no he'll measure him so it fits he's gonna b a big boy lol there not big enough in bnm but thank you lol
  5. Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help me there's a stall down the moor outside the market that sells harness leads collars etc does anyone know what it's called and what days he's there please thanks in advance
  6. She's going back outside n her escape proof cage lol now she's back home the little monkey
  7. Female albino ferret escaped her cage missing from Longley if found please contact me thanks
  8. Thank you Iv put it on facebook top bit on Southey hall road smkk2012 ---------- Post added 23-12-2015 at 23:22 ---------- Think I message you on Facebook also moon Iv left her a carrier out with food n bedding in X ---------- Post added 25-12-2015 at 23:07 ---------- Now found".......
  9. Missing from Southey area Jill albino ferret she's only young and small she's escaped her cage threw the night if anyone has found her please please message me she isn't chipped thanks NOW FOUND
  10. Sale Amount £10 Reason for Rehome / Sale father past away and I can't keep her Time Scale – How Urgent? Yes Has the Cat ever been in Rescue no Location Sheffield 5 Age & Sex 11 months female Vaccinated & Wormed n/a Neutered & Micro chipped no Breed/ Mix Colour/markings white and tabby Long/Shorthaired short haired Live in / Or in and out both Used to a cat flap no Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals doesn't like dogs ok with younger cats Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues Temperament OK with Dogs / Cats some cats Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching yes Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching yes Good or Bad with Children good Dislike of Men or Women no Housetrained yes Hi I'm looking to rehome this lovely cat she needs a home urgently as she doesn't get on with my older cat and terrified of my dogs she was my dad cat and I brought her home when he passed away I'm tried my best to get them to get on but she's not having none of its she's a beautiful friendly cat . Any further General Information you can share.
  11. Hi I've just started Avon also I've posted books n when I've collected them I've asked if they would like a book next time
  12. Rehome or Sale?sale Reason for Rehome / Sale father is very poorly in hospital and won't be coming home to take care of them Sale Amount various Location s5 Type of bird to Rehome / Sell chickens With or Without Cage?without Is the bird hand tames ell let u pick them up Age & Sex all hens from 12 months old Colour different colours Live in / out live out on garden go into sheds at night Any Current or Historical Health Issues no Temperament very friendly follow you around Any special knowledge needed nope General Information you can share Im Looking to sell these chickens due to my dad becoming terminally ill they are all good layers but unfortunately I can't take them all home with me there are bantams warrens etc a variety of colours also If you think you'd like to give a couple a home or want some photos then please inbox me
  13. Sorry just seen these replies a few rabbits gone missing on Facebook lost and found unfortunately they didn't steal any rabbits this time
  14. Hi guys I fort I'd put a post up warning people in the Longley area Last night someone broke into my shed and stole my animals even took the cage And food for them also neighbours have had items stolen but not animals So please lock up ur animals properly n stop these Regards cuteykat
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