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  1. Sorry, you'll have to make up your own mind how to vote. 😘 BTW The poll is well into the last hour so I would suggest doing so now.
  2. https://twitter.com/PoliticsPollss/status/1319276798086017026?s=20 For anyone without Twitter... More than 1 million people from Hong Kong could emigrate to the UK in the next five years under a new visa, including 500,000 in the first year, according to official estimates. Are you happy about this? #HongKong #UK #Politics Yes 31.8% No 63.8% Don’t known 4.4%
  3. Brexit would have been a lot cheaper if we weren't messing around for 4 years and instead got on with it from the get-go.
  4. I wonder to what degree that is really so. Admitted rats have got a bad name where in the past they have lived in the sewers and carried diseases back to the population. In the park though aren't they living a more natural life in the park grounds?
  5. The great pity is the Americans have a couple of poodle states that are prepared to do their bidding. Churchill? Like a kipper - two faced and no guts.
  6. One solution that Western governments seem to think will work without problems is to open up immigration for the whole world to come to Europe. I'm trying to work out if this plan has any flaws.
  7. Fair do! But remember like with all things, If you don't use it, you'll lose it. If enough other people follow your example the old folks, people without bank accs. etc. etc. will also lose the ability to hold cash in hand when govts. discontinue cash (which is very much on their wish list). Although I have cards, locally I only use cash. For me cards are for stuff from other countries and for emergencies.
  8. Still nothing has been resolved by the police and other authorities. I don't think they ever will supply us with real answers. For myself I still can't discount the possibility that Britain was behind the whole thing and was acting as America's poodle to try and up the anti against the Russians. Asking the question who benefits, that would seem to be the most likely scenario.
  9. Do you use them for jotting down notes first?
  10. I wonder where we would be now if Hillary Clinton had become president.
  11. I wonder how much of that is in the hands of private investors and how much is owned by the likes of non-US central banks.
  12. Time will tell. As you said yourself it was my opinion and it was formed on bits and pieces of a vast quantity of information about both of them in the media. I note you felt unable to wager a guess as to how long the union will last.
  13. Interesting thread! Just read through much of it. In my opinion it was a foolish decision by Trump to move to Jerusalem when the city is claimed as the capital by both Palestinians and Jews. ---------- Post added 22-05-2018 at 07:23 ---------- Regarding the use of deadly force against stone-throwing youngsters (and all the other incidents in their short history) I reckon somewhere down the line Israel will have a high price to pay for not having better relations with their neighbours.
  14. I have been wondering how long what I consider to be two completely incompatible types will manage to get along before their marriage breaks up? What do others think here? I'd give them perhaps 5 yrs. Is there any way of doing a poll on these forums?
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