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  1. Hi all, I have seen a house to let on Carrille Road. Can anyone give me any opinion on this part of Foxhill? I don't really know the area and want to find a home to settle in! thanks ---------- Post added 30-08-2014 at 07:00 ---------- Hi Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. Ellesmere Musical Theatre Company have their annual show on in October from the 2nd to the 4th. Songs from the shows 'We will rock you', 'Frozen', Anything goes, Blood Brothers, Chorus line, Rent and so much more. At £12 per ticket, you would be mad to miss out! PM me if you would like me to arrange tickets!
  3. Does anyone know what the new shop is going to be at Hillsborough tram stop? Looks like a food place.
  4. Hi, Ellesmere Theatre Group are performing 'Showstoppers' at The Montgomery theatre from the 3-5th October, there will be songs from Mary Poppins, Godspell, Sister Act and many more, great for all ages and tickets are £12, £10 concessions, if you woudl like tickets then please PM me on here or call 07725347145, Thanks
  5. Seriously this isn't funny. My mates not lived in her house for a week due to this. It's not something to be made a joke of! I just wanted to pop it on here for anyone else in that area that maybe vulnerable.
  6. Prob best if you don't check tyre pressure at 11.45 at night in a hood that's covering your face!! No chance of seeing any results!:-/
  7. Hi Just to warn you in the rudyard road/ Kipling road area there has been a strange man peeping In through windows and acting really strange. When confronted he is hiding down alley ways and behind cars etc. please be vigilant. Police are aware.
  8. Hi, We still have tickets for Tuesday and Wednesday night. This is on the 12th and 13th of March. Inbox me if you're interested!
  9. The production of Oliver is on from the 12th - 16th March at the Montgomery Theatre and Is a fantastic show by Ellesmere Operatic Society!! Please get in touch with me if you want tickets via my inbox or calling 07725347145. Its going to be a great show and one that all the family can enjoy!!
  10. I have a 18 month old bullmastiff bitch that only needs re homing due to relationship breakdown. She is an amazing bubbly lively dog but needs someone who can handle her as she is very very strong. I am devastated to see he go and just really want to find a loving home for her. call me on 07725347145.
  11. The council doesnt have a list of all available places, its a case of finding a location and then applying for the licence. So have a few ideas but would like some more!!
  12. Any location ideas would be great as to where there would be need for a burger van in Sheffield. This can be a lay by or as car park etc. Ideas majorly appreciated!
  13. Im living in Private rented accomodation. Im sure that I am being managed out of the business as I am a manager and know the procedure.
  14. thanks, cant find on there if i would be entitled to housing benefit though if anyone knows......
  15. Does anyone know what benefits you are entitled to if dismissed?
  16. I've had a suprise holiday booked for my birthday and needs someone to look after my dog for 2 nights from Saturday. All kennels are full and I'm stuck for ideas!
  17. What's parkwood springs like for dog walking? Is there much trouble on there? Irresponsible dog owners?
  18. Do you know should we get the bond back on the day we leave? The L has already seen that we have looked after the property. thanks for your help!
  19. I have absolutely no idea if the bond was protected. We rent privately and the Landlords never said what was to happen to it. I also asked them for a copy of our contract approx 4 months ago which we have never had which i have heard is illegal. They also asked it they could enter the property to show potential new tenants around and i said no but they still came in, I just feel slightly angry about the whole situation, especially now that they are abroad and we have no idea when if at all we will get our bond back!
  20. When should you get your bond back? I have been told that we may not get it back on leaving the property and maybe after. Is this ok? I thought we should get it when we leave. Thanks.
  21. Does anyone know how long it takes for British gas to do a call out as my electric had gone and don't know weather to wait around or go to work. Can't get through on phone line yet either c
  22. Hi, I am looking to re house my staffordshire bull bitch. She is 3 yrs old but needs a owner who can really commit to walking her 2 hours a day at least as she is so active. I really dont want to re house her but due to circumstances i have to . Please PM me or post under. Thanks
  23. Im making my own fancy dress in a couple of weeks as im skint and need ideas!!! i want something different!! help! but obviously it needs to be something i can make!
  24. there is no way id be able to nip home as i don't work in Sheffield and certainly wouldnt be able to afford a dog walker after just looking into it. Im really stuck but thanks for all your comments x
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