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  1. Marston Roas is a horrible road to cross as a pedestrian. You've got four roads to check (Crookes each way, Stannington, Marston), you've got a bus stop, so traffic is signalling right to overtake and you can't be sure if they're signalling right to go down Marston, the view down Marston is usually at least partially blocked by parked vehicles (often large vans), and there are also parked vehicles blocking the view down Crookes in both directions. By the time you've ascertain whether it's safe to cross, you still have the worry that a speeding motorist (common on Crookes) could come along and change the parameters, and basically just hope for the best.
  2. To get back to the question in hand, I took my team there for Christmas dinner last year, it was nice food, excellent value, and the service was spot on, which was impressive given how busy they were. Might go back this year, though tempted to try that Bar & Grill place to compare (going to one of their soft openings tonight).
  3. Suprised at the votes for the Admiral. I tend to judge a chippy first on the smell when I walk past, and the smell of the Admiral has at times made me gag, so I've never even considered going there. The one at the bottom of Bolehill is fine if you get it on a good day, but the quality is variable. Not been to Broomheads for years so can't comment. Excited by the reviews for New Cod - especially as they're keeping up the tradition of bad puns for chippies in their name . Will have to give them a go.
  4. Just seen it chug past into the station. Choo choo!
  5. Thanks for posting this. Can see some train spotters at the end of the platform from my desk. Always useful to be able to look up the forum and find out what they're waiting for and when it'll get here.
  6. Cheers. Cafe Rouge might actually be a good option - we're not really looking for atmosphere, just looking for a quiet non-traditional Christmas following the death of my father.
  7. Folks, Anyone know of any decent restaurants that will be open on Christmas Day in Sheffield? I notice that the Walnut Club in Hathersage does. Anywhere else? Cheers
  8. Hmmm. Well, that will explain the brick and empty beer bottles I found outside my house when I arrived home in a taxi last night. My car is fine thankfully. What time did all this kick off?
  9. About a year ago, a large refurbished detached house went on the market on Cobden View Road at some ridiculous price. Then it no longer seemed to be on the market and was seemingly empty for months and months with the curtains drawn (though occasionally it appeared there was a light on). Today, there was activity in the house, a large police minibus in the drive, plus a police dogs van and a few other police cars outside. Anyone know why? Interestingly, there was a strong smell of hash around that part of the road last week (even at 8am!). Were there squatters using it as some kind of a drugs den or something?
  10. Also, I should say, I also mentioned to them about the dodgy paving slabs at the top of Division Street, they're going to fix them too. You know, people whinge about the council, but that's three times I've reported a problem to them and they've responded very quickly and got the problem sorted straight away or scheduled the work, depending on the seriousness. The other occassion was when someone had kicked down a road sign, leaving a rusting jagged stump in the ground that someone could easily have hurt themselves on. I reported this when I got to work in the morning, and when I walked past on the way home later that day, the stump had been been removed, and the next day they replaced it with a brand new road sign. So my point is, if you have an issue like this, moaning on a message board will get you nowhere, instead, just report the problem to whoever it concerns.
  11. I wrote to the council about this a few weeks ago. They replied very quickly to say that they'll get the contractor to patch up the road in a few weeks time, and that once the University building work is complete, the road will be completely re-laid (scheduled for August), and that the bill for this won't come from our taxes.
  12. Interesting thread. I've got a leasehold property with Estates & Management Limited but fortunately when I bought the house my excellent solicitor talked me through all the scams such companies try and pull off and advised me how to avoid them. As it happens, the company has promptly sent me a demand for the £1.50 rent, and I've promptly paid, so there's been no problems. It is frustrating though, the list of things prohibited or requiring permission is pretty long.
  13. I think Peter Kay's TV work beats Lee Evans's poor attempts hands down, but when it comes to stand up all Peter Kay really does is list a load of things from the 70's, so as far as stand up goes - Lee Evans by a country mile.
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