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  1. can anyone help me with this topic please. My boyfriend currently lives in the bahamas and we are looking at me going to live out there with him or him coming to live here with me..does anyone have a clue where to start.thanks in advance.
  2. shes been ill so she hasnt been down for ages.Plus she doesnt live round here.
  3. she has not been down town in ages and wants to hear from any doormen who work on pubs in sheffield.She wants to know who is working on the doors of bia hoi and the bedroom( all gobbledegook to me..but hey someone may know!!!)
  4. had to Daveyboy..u ant been around so was just re tracing my steps to see if i stumbled upon you..and lo and behold here u are!!!!!!!
  5. this thread is a year old now just thought id refresh it !!!
  6. how much have u lost now? are u still doing it?
  7. oh right...yes thats something to bear in mind then..cheers x:)
  8. Roughly how much is it for a staffordshire bull terrier not bothered about papers as long as its pedigree..any info would be great. thanks x
  9. hi just interested to know if anyone has tried the Cambridge diet and if so what did they think to it?
  10. i love marmsris..yes at first the traders do get a bit much at first but other than that loved it.. u learn to just ignore them or smile and say no thanks..i would def. go back there..
  11. Does anybody watch dream team on sky one, its been going for years just wondered how many other people watch it and whos your fav. character??
  12. i remember john i used to work in the off licence on king street, apart from being smelly he was a really nice man, and yes very very intelligent...i also went to his funeral!! Does anyone know booker or gary?
  13. I am thinking on getting a dog but dont know what to get, i want a loving one,not too big and no molting hairs..what dogs do not shed shed loads of hair?? Cheers!
  14. This is awful whats happened.. but i couldnt help laughing at mini's thing about Michael Jackson then the bit about the whole of the thread... :hihi: :hihi:
  15. does anyone still go to skeg for holidays, we go abroad but always go to skeg for a week too!!! I love skeg.
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