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  1. i'd move to manchester and save myself £2.5k a year on travel expenses and god knows how many hours commuting. sod that.
  2. "this is big brother" lol I'm just down from the police tape and still at home, nobody been round though. Can't see anything from here though so it must be in the large warehouse/garage they have at the top end.
  3. We have a 13 week old kitten called Lola. We got her 3 weeks ago. Recently though, she has started pooping about half a meter away from her litter tray (not every time). She meows just before she does and squats so we have time to put her in her tray which is where she will then poo. We haven't changed the cat litter, we use a clumping one where the base litter is meant to be able to stay in for 6 weeks if you empty out the clumps. So what's the problem? She hasn't done it whilst iv been at work and other half is in with her. Just seems to be when I am here. Not sure if thats related or not Also we changed her food from Whiskas kitten dry - IAMS kitten dry over several days as advised and her poo is still a lightish brown and quite sloppy. This is this reason we changed her food in the first place however she hasn't improved and is still trumping loads. She is eating and drinking fine though. We are taking her to the vets in the morning for her second lot of jabs so I may ask the vet then but in the meantime we are hoping someone more knowledgeable on here can help. Thanks
  4. Hi you could try bathing them both in some really strong smelling shampoo designed for guinea pigs. have you any other guinea pigs around? Or handled any female piggys recently?
  5. Surely the teeth will grow back as they never stop growing. They should grow back strong once there is enough calcium
  6. Just checked. Critical Care has 0.6% calcium in it.
  7. REally hope this little guy is ok. What do you think the problem is Liz?
  8. If you can get him to me I can borrow an indoor cage off Tina from on here and liase with Peaches from this forum. Poor thing I realy want to help him. Can you PM me your number so we can sort something out.
  9. would it detect it at 15 weeks? Is that the one that straps to you and you have two sets of headphones?
  10. Has anyone got one that I can buy from them . I can collect tonight. Thanks
  11. did you find where your ferret pt the body?
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