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  1. i remember the windle family very well they used to live bang across from my grandmother she used to live at no. 2 tuffolds close
  2. remember alan kilby very well he was a good friend to my dad whenever he went into arundel club always had a good slap on the back for dad and an even better laugh also remember alan once gave me a tow with my broken doen mini he tied the tow rope onto both cars even though he was dressed up in his dinner suit including bow tie
  3. does anyone out there remember the old fair ground that used to come to the cricket field across from the norton water tower around the early seventies plenty of scraps skinheads and greasers:twisted: :headbang: :banana:
  4. i used to go to captive queen with motor bike buddies 1972/73 one of our mates was killed he was hit by a drunk driving doctor the friend was killed outright his nickname was biscuit/biscuits
  5. had cb in mid eighties lived at southey green longley handle was skivver lost my wife to cb'er thanks cb radio you did me a big favour 10.4 good buddy roger and out
  6. hi i lived on't manor from 1953-1975 on fitzhubert road (125) andy martin the name dad played drums at arundel club his name frank:) :)
  7. best little second hand record shop in south yorkshire went in there every satuday afternoon just to listen to the music
  8. remember my school mid 60's divided into four groups was all four saints, george,andrew,david and patrick. red, blue, yellow and green don't see it anymore though as far as i know i have six kids in two different schools and there is nothing like that in either school
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