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  1. Hi, I've replied to a thread about this in the Pet Owner section, but also wondered whether the issue may well be of interest to those who aren't actually pet owners. I have bought a new pond for the garden which is just going to be for frogs only. My hope is that the children will be able to watch the frogspawn grow into tadpoles, and frogs. Is there anybody out there who has any unwanted frogspawn (or tadpoles, I guess) in their gardens or ponds? If so, we would gladly come and collect it so that it can be rehomed in a nice setting. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have just had a new pond put in, that will be a pond just for frogs. I would love any frogspawn, if anyone here has any, and would be very happy to come and collect it myself. Would be great for the children to watch them grow.
  3. Hey, jbaki! It's ages since I posted this thread but today (lots of reasons why so long after....) I went to Maplins and bought the sockets you suggested. My son is currently upstairs feeling very happy about the sound! Thanks so much for the advice. (And to everyone who offered help).
  4. Thanks very much for your help! He hasn't got a sound system either, so it looks like getting hold of a portable TV would be the easier and cheaper option for us. I'll start looking - but let me know, anyone, if you're wanting to get rid of one? Thanks again.
  5. Hi, I'd like to setup my son's xbox 360 so he can play it in his bedroom, after having it attached to the family television for a while. I'm not sure what my options are and am hoping someone here can advise me. He has an PC in his room, and I've wondered about buying a lead so he can play it through his monitor (a VGA cable?). However, his monitor doesn't have speakers, or a socket for speakers - he used to plug speakers into his PC tower when using his computer. So, I'm beginning to think that won't be an option. I've also wondered about trying to get a second hand TV so we can just use the connectors we used to use for the TV downstairs. Would that have to be a portable TV (there isn't an aerial socket inhis bedroom) or could it be a normal TV too? And, whichever, would I need to use a portable aerial as well, or not? Thanks for your help! I've been trying to sort this out for him for ages, so would really appreciate any advice.
  6. Thanks, everyone, for all the advice - you've been enormously helpful. I have now decided to stay over on the Sunday night and have a room organised. I was lucky to be offered something for free from someone I'm working with, but may well try your approach another time, Strix. Sounds interesting....
  7. Thanks for all this. Train was a good idea. I checked the train times from Barnsley but only got these ones - 06:38, to arrive at 08:02 or 06:58 to arrive at 08:50. Not great. Chairboy, the one you found arriving at 08.21 sounds better, but I would have to factor in the Barnsley connection too. At least I know I've ruled out driving! Just now weighing up between the train, or staying over on Sunday.
  8. Thanks - your replies are really helpful. It sounds pretty dire (3 hours!) and I'm glad I checked it out. I'm wondering if it might be wiser to stay in Nottingham on the Sunday night....
  9. Hi, I have to drive down to Nottingham on Monday morning to arrive for 9:00. It would normally take me an hour and 15mins (from Barnsley) but I've never driven down at that time of day before and I don't want to be late. Could anyone advise me how long I should allow myself at that time? (If you know how long from Sheffield, that would be helpful to know too.) Thanks for any advice.
  10. Thanks, both of you. I want to sweat a lot. Lose breath. Go pink. To need to take a couple of minutes afterwards to recover. I can get that on the treadmill. Wondered if it might be more fun to get it on a Wii. Had imagined being able to run in Tibetan mountainscapes, for example. But, like I said, I am seriously behind the times!
  11. Ah, thanks. Would I be right in thinking, then, that you can't really burn any serious calories/increase stamina through it. Would it be a poor substitute for a treadmill?
  12. True - thanks. My daughter wants it "to be healthy" - health is the big craze at school, apparently. No bad thing. Don't suppose there are any "normal" console games that involve physical exercise? To out us on until we can buy a Wii Fit.?
  13. Thanks, greeneyes - I will! I really appreciate this.
  14. Thanks, Savbaby. That would be a dear do, then - looks like it brings it up to about £310. Ouch!
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