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  1. Hi has anyone had a celeb boutique style dress not the proper celeb boutique dress the knock off ones? I'm just wanting to know what the quality is like and if there worth the money? Thanks
  2. Hi I posted on here a few days ago but was now needing some more help. we have been renting a property for over a year thinking that we where buying it when we sold ours, but the bloke who owns the house has now said he wants to move I it him self, so we are now having to move back in our old 2bed house with 2kid so we are trying to do it up and turn it back into a 3bedroom before we move. The houses was origanaly a 3bedroom but When we bought it it had been changed into a 2bedroom house with big bathroom so we have been trying to find ways to get any extra bedroom for my little boy we have looked at doing the loft but think it will cost to much so we are now looking at moving the bathroom to the front of the propertie where it was originally but when we looked into it the toilet was never upstairs in the bathroom it was down stairs so we are now having to look into having a soil stack put into the main drain does anyone know what kind of money it would cost to do this? the other houses have there bathroom on the front so there soil stack is on the front into the main drain. The other thing is cause we are on about moving the bathroom if we can we will also be needing some new windows but some of the windows will have to be bricked up a bit as they are to big and another may need to be a bit bigger not sure yet but was wanting to know if anyone can recommend anyone good but not over priced on a budget as we are having to do so much. Thanks so much Would be grateful for some info in a real rush to get it all done before we get kicked out.
  3. Hi we are looking into doing a loft conversion on are mid terriss property, we are needing to make an extra bedroom somewhere in the house and thought this might be an idea but not sure if it's just going to be way to much money. I was wondering if someone could help maybe come give use some quotes or ideas on what to do or where to start? Thanks so much
  4. Hi I've just bought a bay window to replace my old one and was just wanting to know if anyone knew how much it would cost to have it fitted and if anyone knows anyone good to come do it. Thanks so much
  5. Hi ive been looking for a pram for my 4month old, i want one that faces mummy but fits in my car(206) i luved the herbie to but have read loads and loads of bad things about it most of them saying they have folded up when baby in the pram which realy put me off i do also luv the sola and wouldnt need to buy a new car seat for this as my maxi cosi fits on but felt abit like i was along way from my boy when he was sat in it and i was pushing it, i do really luv the urbo but it is so new i cant find meny reviews and out of the 3 i found 2of them wasnt great i do also luv the icandy but its so much money cant realy aford it. would be nice to know what pram other people have and if they are any good and if they have had any probs with them.
  6. Hi i was woundering if anyone could help me, im looking at getting some new hair straighteners and was just wanting to know what people thought where the best around? was going to get some GHDs but have heard that SHE ones are just as good but cheaper has anyone got any SHE ones if so what do you think of them? thanks
  7. Hi does anyone know where i could get a 3d/4d scan done in sheffield, rotherham, barnsely donny area? i had one done with my little girl but paid loads and had the lot dvd,sex weight ect but dont have the money this time round, so was just wanting some 3d pics to save so i had something. does anyone know anywhere good or how much it cost and what you got? thanks
  8. Hi ive just bought one of these disney princess magical talking nurserys for my little girl for when the new baby arrives so she has something to play with and doesnt feel so left out. but ive just been reading reviews on them and they realy dont sound good i was just wanting to know if anyone has got one or had one and how good they where? thanks
  9. Hi anyone know any good ballet and tap classes anywhere near the s5 area? can drive so so doesnt have to be on the door step just no half way across sheffield lol. my little girl is 4years old and would luv to dress up in a little pink tut and do dancing just dont know anywhere to take her? thanks
  10. Hi does any one know any good bonfire and firework displays on in s5 s6 hills area? doesnt have to be on the 5th? thanks
  11. hi does anyone know of any bonfires and firework on tomorrow??? i know there is don vally but not to bothered about there was thinking somewhere smaller like a pub maybe. thanks
  12. please does anyone know if you can get a gear knob off an automatic peugeot 206 and if so how? thanks
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